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a book issued to holders of checking accounts

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Mr West said that Maughan was jailed for 12 months in December 2002 at Newcastle Crown Court for similar chequebook offences.
I cringe every time someone gets their chequebook out in the supermarket.
We know we are never going to have the chequebook of some of the big-hitters in Europe," admitted Hore, the Ospreys' elite performance director.
Customers can also open an investment account, request a chequebook, and issue or cancel a card through this same service.
RANGERS fans believe Walter Smith has proved once and for all he is not a chequebook manager after clinching the Clydesdale Bank Premier League title against all the odds.
The shop owner said he had received a new chequebook by post in November.
And care assistant Samantha McDonough, aged 35 and from Marston Green, said: "I don't even own a chequebook.
Oh dear,' he told me, 'I must have used the wrong chequebook.
I tried to get a chequebook from my bank a couple of weeks back and that was really so awful of me.
LIVERPOOL need to take a leaf out of Manchester United's chequebook.
He laughed: "I brought the chequebook but judging by the prices in the papers my chequebook isn't big enough
The dishonest use of a chequebook and department store credit card belonging to an elderly and partially blind resident of a rest-home at which she worked, has resulted in registered nurse (RN) Rosemary Anne Kennedy's name being struck off the register.
A BMW concept car built to display an advanced dashboard driving and control unit has been attracting chequebook offers, a leading car manufacturer at the International Motor Show in Birmingham has revealed.
Irish wholesale group BWG has got its chequebook out again, this time to buy family owned T&A Symonds, Key.