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The end of it was that Jane Clayton wrote out a cheque of large denomination and handed it to Nikolas Rokoff, who left her cabin with a grin of satisfaction upon his lips.
You have no assurance that we will live up to our agreement other than my word, but you have before you the assurance that we can make short work of you if you do not write out the cheque we demand.
You see, therefore, that you may only save the life of your son by saving your own, and you can only save your own by giving us the cheque we ask.
That they would permit him to live after he had appended his name to the cheque never occurred to him as being within the realms of probability.
Finally the ape-man wrote out his cheque for a larger sum than stood to his credit at the bank.
Utterson asking rather suddenly: "And you don't know if the drawer of the cheque lives there?
Before presenting the cheque, I asked Sergeant Cuff if he had any remark to make.
The Sergeant looked at the cheque, and lifted up his dismal eyebrows in acknowledgment of her ladyship's liberality.
All his own baggage and outfit was put into a state of speedy preparation, and he paid Amelia's purchases with cheques on his agents, and with the splendour of a lord.
Dear Sirs,--"We beg to acknowledge 10 pounds received and to return cheque of
I would like to clarify to the questioner that he may try to encash the cheque through his bank account.
Bounced cheques since January through the end of June are valued at Dh33.
5 per cent of the total value of cheques during the monitored period, and around 4.
2 million dud cheque to her husband and has accused her husband of stealing the cheque.
Going forward, it will also be possible to validate the cheque at source either through self-service or at presenting bank using the Quick Response (QR) code," the bank said.