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Chenar was the one who collected the 200 human brains.
Ali Chenar, "The Politics of the Hidden Imam" Frontline, Tehran Bureau (July 27, 2011) http://www.
He said Doab, Chenar Khwar, Shalpeach, Gordesh, and Mirdesh areas had been cleared of insurgents.
On his second tour there, Miller--Robby to his teammates, Family, friends and teachers--was killed after volunteering to serve as point for a night patrol with Operational Detachment Alpha 3312, in the Chenar Khar Valley near the Pakistan border, Jan.
My bowl has smashed my boundaries: harebell and hawthorn mingling in my thickened waist of jasmine; catkin and chenar, dwarf-oak and hazel hanging over torrents, deltas, my season's arteries .
With a range from Iberia to the Himalaya, it is known as chenar in Persia.
He said his mind became flooded with childhood memories of picnics beneath the chenar trees near the house where he grew up.