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the use of chemical agents to treat or control disease (or mental illness)

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Trained cancer surgeons, chemotherapist and radiotherapist are not available as a great number of competent physicians has left the country because of present law and order situation, said PMA President.
It is interesting to note that one MD, a chemotherapist, was asked by a knowledgeable Gerson patient whether he had the starting pH of her blood when he first diagnosed her.
Pyrimidine derivatives play a fundamental role in life processes and their chemotherapist potential has given a considerable impetus to their study1,2.
2) Try to choose a unit where you'll be under the care of a team of specialists - an oncologist (cancer specialist), pathologist, chemotherapist, radiotherapist and breast surgeon.
At the beginning of the 20th century, German chemotherapist Paul Ehrlich coined the term Zauberkugeln (or magic bullets) to elucidate the idea of using the body's immune system to selectively target receptors on microbes.