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synthesis of carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water

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In addition to Don Juan Pond, this novel mechanism may occur in other environments on Earth as well and could serve as both an important component of the Martian nitrogen cycle and a source of fuel [hydrogen] to support microbial chemosynthesis.
The oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is almost exclusively a product of photosynthesis, thereby consigning oxygen-intolerant life forms to anoxic mud and sediment, or the lightless depths of the oceans: chemosynthesis became the form of survival in the stygian depths.
Seep life is driven not by photosynthesis (where plants use sunlight to power the food web) but chemosynthesis, whereby single-celled organisms use methane and hydrogen sulfide to fuel a gas-powered food web.
They are doing chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis, which means they live independent of the sun.
These unique animals seem to find poisonous chemicals yummy enough to survive on through a process called chemosynthesis.
Students are expected to describe how hydrothermal vents are formed and characterize the physical conditions at these sites, explain chemosynthesis and contrast this process with photosynthesis, identify autotrophic bacteria as the basis for food webs in hydrothermal vent communities, and describe common food pathways between organisms typically found in hydrothermal vent communities.
Below a certain depth, life only continues to exist because it receives a contribution or subsidy from above (the only exceptions are the "oases" at great depths, which are maintained by chemosynthesis around submarine hydrothermal vents, described in chapter 3.
Narbonne and others suggest that some organisms may have survived below the thick ice through chemosynthesis, which draws energy from chemical reactions instead of from sunlight.
Instead of photosynthesis, these creatures use chemosynthesis to convert highly toxic water into the staff of life.
Here the JASON team will undertake its most ambitious scientific expedition yet, Life in the Sea: Photosynthesis and Chemosynthesis.
Symbiotic diversity in marine animals: the art of harnessing chemosynthesis.
Scientists in Alvin at the Galapagos Rift explored previously unknown and unexpected communities of deep-sea organisms that thrive in the absence of sunlight, sustained not by photosynthesis but by chemosynthesis.
The successive discoveries of populations of organisms previously only found in hydrothermal vents, such as vestimentiferans and bivalves, in other anoxic, methane- and hydrogen sulfide-rich environments, and of populations of metabolically versatile archeobacteria, some free-living and others in symbiosis with different animals, leads one to conclude that hydrogen sulfide-based chemosynthesis is a much more widespread basis for primary production than was thought just a few years ago, when hydrothermal oases were first discovered.
I close the redox section by showing a slide of the life in the deep sea vents and I point out that vent life is based on chemosynthesis for its energy, not photosynthesis [39].