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synthesis of carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water

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In addition to Don Juan Pond, this novel mechanism may occur in other environments on Earth as well and could serve as both an important component of the Martian nitrogen cycle and a source of fuel [hydrogen] to support microbial chemosynthesis.
These unique animals seem to find poisonous chemicals yummy enough to survive on through a process called chemosynthesis.
Part 1 of this article reviewed a number of functions or "services" provided by a symbiotic partner: photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, luminescence, and nutrition (1).
Narbonne and others suggest that some organisms may have survived below the thick ice through chemosynthesis, which draws energy from chemical reactions instead of from sunlight.
I close the redox section by showing a slide of the life in the deep sea vents and I point out that vent life is based on chemosynthesis for its energy, not photosynthesis [39].
Instead of photosynthesis, these creatures use chemosynthesis to convert highly toxic water into the staff of life.
To scientists' utter astonishment, the vents were surrounded by previously unknown organisms sustained not by photosynthesis but chemosynthesis.
The key part of this energy equation is the oxidation of sulfide to obtain energy; this is chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis.
Van Dover, Blankenship, and others agree that deep-sea photosynthetic organisms-if they exist-probably subsist mostly on chemosynthesis and use the light only for supplemental nourishment.
His findings lend credence to the theory that life on Earth started through chemosynthesis, the reaction of chemicals without sunlight, rather than photosynthesis, the reaction of chemicals with sunlight.
Deep Ocean Vents: Discovered only 30 years ago, life in Deep Ocean Vents springs from the process of chemosynthesis.