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Antennae are the major site of the chemoreceptors that detect and discriminate between air-borne stimuli and guide the mosquitoes to suitable human host or to an oviposition site.
Chemoreceptors are assigned the roles of recognizing the concentrations of oxygen in blood and cells.
Haloperidol is the most potent dopamine-2 antagonist at the chemoreceptor trigger zone.
Properties of the dactyl chemoreceptors of Cancer antennarius Stimpson and C.
Electrical engineers are currently developing computerized chemoreceptor devices that take air samples to detect the airborne molecules which currently only dogs can smell.
The bacteria with no flagella destroy their chemoreceptor proteins.
The mechanisms of increased SNS activity leading to hypertension are complex and involve alteration in baroreceptor and chemoreceptor reflexes at both central and peripheral levels.
By electrophysiological recordings these sensilla are innervated by five neurons: four chemoreceptor neurons and one mechanoreceptor neuron.
To counter loss of chemoreceptor function supplemental oxygen was given to avoid undesirable ischemia13.
Ventilation continues to be elevated with acclimatization and may be an indication of increased chemoreceptor sensitivity to blood gas changes occurring at altitude.
Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have high levels of sympathetic nerve traffic, caused by chemoreceptor reflexes triggered by repetitive episodes of hypoxia, hypercapnia and obstructive apnea.
At individual level, olfactory chemoreceptor number, even nerve number, varies among individuals--for example, in Lysmata shrimp (Zhang et al.
CBTs are slowly growing tumors that arise from chemoreceptor tissue in carotid bifurcation.
Indeed additional oxygen would likely decrease the heart rate and blood pressure as well by negating peripheral chemoreceptor stimulation.