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One possible enabling sensory modality is spatial vision (Millot 1954, Blevins & Johnsen 2004, Yerramilli & Johnsen 2010); however, an alternative explanation would be trail chemoreception.
2014); and the sensory structures present on the maxillary and labial palps of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Noctuidae), which are responsible for chemoreception (Keil 1996; Zhao et al.
Electrophysiological studies of chemoreception in elasmobranchs.
Contact chemoreception related to host selection and oviposition behaviour in the monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus.
alba and leaf-cutting ants, if chemoreception is involved this relationship may go beyond a simple inquilinism.
Among the topics are the cardiovascular system, membranes and metabolism, oxygen sensing, intestinal transport, endocrine disruption, the physiology of social stress in fish, pain perception, chemoreception, cardiac regeneration, and neuronal regeneration.
Chemoreception is undoubtedly the most important source of stimulus for nematodes (Jones 2002).
Gilly, "Quantification of L-dopa and dopamine in squid ink: implications for chemoreception," Biological Bulletin, vol.
Physiological, genetic and molecular mechanisms of chemoreception, thermobiosis and anhydrobiosis in entomopathogenic nematodes.
Also on tap is chemoreception, the history of fragrance, fragrance in personal care, fragrance in household products, and fragrance safety and regulations.
Brand, Olfactory/trigeminal interactions in nasal chemoreception.
One hypothesis is that phasmid eggs evolved to resemble seeds because such eggs were ignored by egg-feeding birds and parasitoids (Goeldi 1886), although the latter are known to detect eggs through chemoreception and are unlikely to be fooled by physical mimicry (Severin 1910, Grimpe 1921).
Roles of vomeronasal organ chemoreception in tongue flicking and feeding behavior of the lizard Chalcides ocellatus.
adventitium preys on terrestrial oligochaetes (Ducey and Noce, 1998), which it hunts by chemoreception (Fiore, et al.