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the academic department responsible for teaching and research in chemistry

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the operation concerns the renovation of the chemistry department including: - paragraph compliance of electrical installations, - paragraph compliance of cvcd-pb installations, - refreshment paragraph for paints, floor and wall coverings.
I am pleased to know that all faculty members of chemistry department are PhDs and research culture is very rich in this department," he added.
This history chronicles the evolution of Imperial CollegeAEs Chemistry Department, from its founding through the Hofmann and Frankland years, the war years, new research and departmental reorganization after WWII, and modernization during the period 1965-85.
The Rydal School team will travel to Loughborough University's Chemistry Department to compete at the event on April 20.
Professor Stefan Bon from the chemistry department at the university in Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, said: "If anyone would like to find out about what Warwick chemistry can offer we can now provide not only an individual tour on a date of your choice but you also get the opportunity to have all your questions answered by a professor in the area of chemistry of your choice.
THE chemistry department at Durham University is holding a weekend of "science and friendship" to help celebrate its 50th anniversary in its current home.
DURHAM University's chemistry department is holding a weekend of "science and friendship" to help celebrate its 50th anniversary in its current home.
Eleven fire tenders were rushed to control the blaze in the chemistry department on the third floor of the Derozio building, university and college officials said.
Thermodynamics is like a frog; it never evolves, according to AUB's Chemistry Department chairperson.
Summary: BEIRUT: The chemistry department at the American University in Beirut (AUB) announced on Friday the release of its first internationally published book.
An experiment went badly wrong in the chemistry department on Crown Street on December 9 leaving students with flash burns and cuts to their faces from flying glass.
But a team from the University's chemistry department are investigating producing environmentally friendly products from glycerol - a by-product biodiesel - in order to improve its efficiency even more.
Dr Simon Jones, from the university's chemistry department, said: "It was great to see the students go home really motivated and excited.
He was a founding member of Germany's Green Party in the late 1970s and later directed Greenpeace's chemistry department.
In working with OFRI's chemistry department, the company developed the probe to measure carbon content, soil moisture and particle size.
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