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New process chemistries are available for controlling deposits, improving defoaming capabilities, and allowing the entire operation to run at the lowest possible overall cost.
Hardie, an earth scientist at Johns Hopkins and a coauthor of the report, had conjectured that fluctuating ocean chemistries are responsible for oscillating calcite and aragonite reef production by simple marine organisms.
mPhase Technologies (OTC: XDSL) today announced that it has signed a an extension of its original cooperative research agreement with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, as related to lithium-based chemistries for a functional reserve microbattery prototype.
TREMONT: One of the greatest needs is to capitalize on the true synergies between functional and process wet end chemistries, to bridge the gap of technical knowledge with a focused commercial understanding.
It is clean, fast, efficient, and applicable to numerous types of chemistries.
For more information regarding any of Buckman's chemistries or services, call 901-272-6204 or 1-800-BUCKMAN or e-mail cmmeans@buckman.
The optimum additive feed point is selected through an understanding of all of the chemistries, experience on that particular machine and other machines, and--in some cases--through lab testing.
The third-generation backbone chemistry results in potent inhibitors of targeted genetic function without the side effects, off-target effects or toxicities that have plagued all other antisense chemistries.
Phosphoramidate-based oligonucleotides represent a new class of synthetic nucleic acids that have demonstrated a number of potential advantages over earlier-generation oligonucleotide chemistries, including enhanced sequence-specific DNA and RNA binding activity, a high resistance to degradation, and improved cellular uptake and biodistribution.
The company develops and markets instruments, chemistries, software and supplies that simplify and automate laboratory processes throughout the biomedical testing continuum.
the leader in critical cleaning detergents, to jointly offer Alconox's Lo-Chem(TM) Series Chemistries for various critical cleaning applications.
The proprietary AM1 chemistry, when used in the Oasis system's AM-Clean process, enables improved particle removal performance and simplified chemical management compared to traditional SC1 and SC2 wet bench chemistries.
However, traditional chemistries, such as buffered oxide etch, that can be used to etch SiO2 gate material are not capable of etching high-k materials at a manufacturable rate and with high selectivity.
Overall, the SYNCHRON LX20 PRO test menu consists of more than 100 reagents comprised of general chemistries, critical care chemistries, proteins, serologies and esoteric chemistries, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT) reagents.
We can offer our customers the highest quality chemistries, along with application expertise and advanced automation technologies that deliver unmatched flexibility, throughput, and capacity.