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a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold

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On reaching the chemist's door she stopped -- paused before entering the shop, and looked in at the window -- hesitated, and walked away a little -- hesitated again, and took the first turning which led back to the beach.
Wragge to procure a remedy; she left the house after breakfast, in the direction of the chemist's shop, exactly as she had left it on the morning before.
The Chemist's tardy response in providing results has led to cases related to defilement, sodomy, rape and murder dragging on for years.
The chemist's side was based on discussions between Martyn Poliaskoff and Steven Howdle at the University of Nottingham, and David Lathbury at AstraZeneca.
The chemist's craft lies in devising simple methods of separating such enantiomers -- the left-handed or right-handed versions of a molecule--from one another.
The chemist's verification of the officer's inventory
Proprietary formulations are the cornerstone of the chemist's competitive edge.
By allowing chemists to try out different reactions quickly, this product fills the gap that previously existed between the process chemist's imagination and the detailed programming required by larger, advanced parallel synthesis systems.
I have often wondered if there is such a thing (psychologically) as a chemist's personality.
Moreover, the dimensions of these hollow, open-ended rods lie completely within the chemist's control -- a feature that makes them particularly appealing for certain kinds of applications.
The chemist's new role in the rubber industry was not lost on chemistry professor and industrial consultant Charles M.
Chemist's primary product focus is in the private sector utilizing both point of care rapid diagnostic products and ELISA diagnostic kits for quantitative analysis.
The chemist's peak appears every so often as a pronounced, upward-pointing blip on the readout of a mass spectrometer, an instrument that sorts and registers molecules by their masses.
The 'Office of the Chemist' is the point of convergence of computing power, laboratory data, and information at the chemist's desk.
From a chemist's perspective, they're fascinating molecular assemblies -- synthetic receptors known as cavitands -- suited for basic research, but also promising for medical and agricultural uses.