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a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold

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Wragge watched her from the window and saw that she took the direction of the chemist's shop.
On reaching the chemist's door she stopped -- paused before entering the shop, and looked in at the window -- hesitated, and walked away a little -- hesitated again, and took the first turning which led back to the beach.
Wragge to procure a remedy; she left the house after breakfast, in the direction of the chemist's shop, exactly as she had left it on the morning before.
Here we have glimpses of him, a sorry figure in rusty black and tarnished gold, his pockets stuffed with papers, now assisting in a chemist's shop, now practicing as a doctor among those as poor as himself, now struggling to get a footing in the realm of literature, now passing his days miserably as an usher in a school.
Proceeding from a religious heart it will raise to a divine use the railroad, the insurance office, the joint- stock company; our law, our primary assemblies, our commerce, the galvanic battery, the electric jar, the prism, and the chemist's retort; in which we seek now only an economical use.
She sent for the doctor, sent to the chemist's, set the maid who had come with her and Marya Nikolaevna to sweep and dust and scrub; she herself washed up something, washed out something else, laid something under the quilt.
He borrowed a hundred dollars from the man at the chemist's on the security of that letter, and then--I suppose it seemed so easy that it struck him as a pity to let the opportunity slip--he did the same thing with four other tradesmen.
The man in the grey suit has been thirty years in the chemist's service.
On his way home, on the evening he set aside for this momentous purpose, he took the precaution of stepping into a chemist's shop and buying a bottle of the very strongest smelling-salts.
Well, you might be apprenticed to some business,--a chemist's and druggist's perhaps; your Latin might come in a bit there "
Amalia Ivanovna was foreseeing something amiss, and at the same time deeply wounded by Katerina Ivanovna's haughtiness, and to restore the good-humour of the company and raise herself in their esteem she began, apropos of nothing, telling a story about an acquaintance of hers "Karl from the chemist's," who was driving one night in a cab, and that "the cabman wanted him to kill, and Karl very much begged him not to kill, and wept and clasped hands, and frightened and from fear pierced his heart.
The chemist's side was based on discussions between Martyn Poliaskoff and Steven Howdle at the University of Nottingham, and David Lathbury at AstraZeneca.
The chemist's craft lies in devising simple methods of separating such enantiomers -- the left-handed or right-handed versions of a molecule--from one another.
The chemist's verification of the officer's inventory
Proprietary formulations are the cornerstone of the chemist's competitive edge.