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Synonyms for chemisorption

adsorption (especially when irreversible) by means of chemical instead of physical forces

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3) Silver nanoparticle printing: When the film is coated with silver ink after exposure, the silver nanoparticles undergo chemisorption onto the carboxy group alone.
Hydrogen consumption and metal dispersion is determined by chemisorption at 30[grados]C using an atomic ratio H/M = 1 (M = Pt or Pd).
The comprehension of the real contribution of chemisorption, physisorption and even ion exchange is essential to improve the selectivity and efficiency of the adsorbent.
Henglein A (1993) Physicochemical properties of small metal particles in solution: 'microelectrode' reactions, chemisorption, composite metal particles, and the atom-to- metal transition.
The Pt active surface area was estimated for each Pt catalyst before and after the thermal duration by the CO chemisorption method (Quantachrome Instruments Autosorb-1).
This suggested that the MB adsorption on MC/CABs followed the pseudo-second-order kinetic model, based on the assumption that the ratio-limiting step may be chemisorption.
Secondly, cationic dyes could act by chemisorption or by the formation of non ionic chemical complexes with uncharged ligands; which could favor the formation of ionic pairs that alter the electrostatic repulsion and favor adsorption (Kaushik & Malik 2009).
Sorptive-based IPPTs rely on physical adsorption and chemisorption processes.
Nanoparticle Chemisorption Printing Technique for Conductive Silver Patterning with Submicron Resolution"
2+] adsorption process was most likely to be controlled by the chemisorption.
The developed technique utilizes selective chemisorption phenomenon of silver nanoparticles, included in the silver nanometal ink, on an activated surface produced by ultraviolet irradiation, which is followed by the self-fusion reaction between nanoparticles to afford low-resistance silver wiring.
In this model, it is assumed that the chemisorption may be the rate-limiting step.
Direct chemisorption of HF at reactive sites on the alumina surface with formation of Na-F and/or Al-F species and with additional monolayer being physically adsorbed on top of chemisorbed layer [10].
The kinetic data was well fitted with pseudo-second-order showing chemisorption nature of adsorption process.
t] vs t follow linear relationship, then the rate-limiting step for the adsorption process may be described as chemisorption.