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take up a substance by chemisorption

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In chemisorbed ash samples tobermorite appears to be converted to calcite, whilst katoite and gibbsite have remained almost intact during chemisorption according to XRD diffractions (Figs.
29]Si MAS-NMR spectra of original, activated and chemisorbed ash samples from the 1st and 4th ESP as well as the deconvolutions of these spectra are presented in Figures 3 and 4, respectively.
Imaging results of field-emission scanning electron microscope (Zeiss FESEM Ultra Plus) for original, activated and chemisorbed ash samples from the 1st ESP are presented in Figure 5.
6 confirm that both physisorbed and chemisorbed dodecanoic acid molecules exist in the surface layer.
It seems that the chemisorbed molecules begin to desorb or decompose.
above 220[degrees]C, the chemisorbed molecules will be totally desorbed or decomposed in a very short time, as can be seen in Fig.
In the case of chemisorbed layers chemical reaction of additives plays an important role in wear protection properties.
The chemisorbed oxygen complexes on the surface of carbon blacks react with free radicals, inhibiting any chain reaction caused by UV radiation.
These complexes are chemisorbed oxygen groups in the form of carboxy, quinone, lactone and phenolic groups (ref.
To completely remove the chemisorbed monolayer, heating at 300 [degrees]C in vacuum was required whereas the physisorbed layers could be removed at 20 [degrees]C in vacuum.
5 layers mainly of physisorbed water although some chemisorbed water is also expected to be lost between 100 [degrees]C and 250 [degrees]C [20].
The chemical properties of solid-phase soil P are diverse, including inorganic P strongly adsorbed or chemisorbed on amorphous hydrous oxides of Fe and Al, discrete more crystalline phases of P (which tend to be dominantly Fe and Al phosphates in more strongly weathered acid soils but include more Ca phosphates in less weathered weakly acidic and neutral to alkaline soils), and complex mixtures of organic P.
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Ruhe, J, Novotny, VJ, Kanazawa, KK, Clarke, T, Street, GB, "Structure and Tribological Properties of Ultrathin Alkylsilane Films Chemisorbed to Solid Surfaces.
We have shown that in high fields the electronic distribution even in rare gases is so significant that hybridization with metal electrons becomes possible and even helium becomes chemisorbed with a fifty-fold increase in binding energy at best image voltage, around four volts per angstrom.