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luminescence resulting from a chemical reaction as the oxidation of luciferin in fireflies

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The STELLUX[R] Chemiluminescent Human Insulin ELISA is ideal for measuring the concentration of insulin in tissue culture supernatants with a broad dynamic range of 5-30,000 pg/mL.
The Advia Centaur uses chemiluminescent immunoassay technology.
This approach allows for multiplex analyses and greater signal stability relative to chemiluminescent detection.
a) Immunoassay system Principle Immulite 2500 1-Step chemiluminescent assay Advia Centaur 1-Step chemiluminescent assay TOSOH AIA 1800 1-Step fluoroimmunoassay Elecsys E170 1-Step (2-step incubation) Chemiluminescent assay Architect 2-Step chemiluminescent assay Beckman DXI 800 2-Step chemiluminescent assay Wallac Delfia 2-step assay Nichol FT4 Equilibrium dialysis Physical separation of free hormone, then immunoassay Immunoassay system TSH, mU/L FT4, pmol/L Immulite 2500 0.
Photophoric labels may include chemiluminescent agents such as peroxidase enzymes activated with peroxidase substrates capable of luminescence.
Its chemiluminescent diagnostic technologies are incorporated into products used worldwide, including 80% of all US blood bank testing for HIV and hepatitis C.
To assess potential interference of different ginsengs (Asian, American, and Indian, also known as Ashwagandha) in vitro and in vivo in a mouse model by using a new enzyme-linked chemiluminescent immunosorbent digoxin assay and an existing turbidimetric assay.
Evaluation of commercially available acridinium ester-labeled chemiluminescent DNA probes for culture identification of Blastomyces dermatitidis, Coccidioides immitis, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Histoplasma capsulatum.
The volume concludes with case studies of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry coupling in proteomics, testing for robustness in RP-HPLC, a hardware solution for the separation of complex mixtures, and the use of multiple detection (ultraviolet, mass spectrometry, chemiluminescent nitrogen detection) in the characterization of libraries of newly synthesized substances.
today announced their conclusion of a joint research agreement for development of a new KL-6 test kit consisting of an in-vitro, supplementary diagnostic marker for interstitial pneumonia compatible with LUMIPULSE (automatic chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) systems.
Application scientists have attempted to apply other "universal" detector systems, such as evaporative light scattering and chemiluminescent nitrogen detectors, however these technologies do not have the level of sensitivity, dynamic range, reproducibility, and robustness necessary to become reliable workhorse instruments.
The membrane was hybridized with the labeled probe and analyzed for DNA breakage using chemiluminescent detection.
This study was intended to observe the antioxidant potency of specific teas and related extracts, as well as to determine whether natural teas or derived extracts were the most potent using the chemiluminescent detection method.
The false claims indicated that the following tests, among others, had been conducted by Medstat: RBC protoporphyrin (a test to detect iron deficiency and lead poisoning), thin layer chromatography (a test to detect drug metabolytes), chemiluminescent assay (a test useful in the identification of chlamydia and tuberculosis), and sedimentation rate (a test used to measure inflammation and infection in rheumatism patients).