chemical terrorism

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terrorism using the chemical agents of chemical warfare

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The NYS DOH Drill Development Team includes staff of the General Bacteriology, Biodefense, Viral Reference and Surveillance, and Chemical Terrorism Laboratories within the Wadsworth Center.
Private industry has taken a few steps to make us more secure from chemical terrorism.
Talks centered on the threat assessment of chemical terrorism, the control of dangerous substance and measures to be taken in response to an attack.
Both are concerned with the risks that people might be asked to shoulder in order to protect the United States from biological or chemical terrorism.
The agency would take control in the event of an outbreak of Sars - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - or a chemical terrorism incident in the region.
Coalition members could also develop cooperative procedures for coming to the aid of victims of nuclear, biological, or chemical terrorism.
Under a project called the Military Improved Response Program (MIRP), SBCCOM partnered with and provided civilian first responders and emergency managers practical solutions to improve their preparedness in cases of biological and chemical terrorism.
1 before chemical terrorism training and a readiness rating of 5.
As stated in the MMWR, April 21, 2000/49(RR04);1-14, "The public health infrastructure must be prepared to prevent illness and injury that would result from biological and chemical terrorism, especially a covert terrorist attack.
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky will conduct two town hall meetings in the San Fernando Valley to discuss what the county of Los Angeles is doing and what residents can do to help protect homes and businesses from potential acts of biological and chemical terrorism.
Esposito's topic was biological and chemical terrorism.
Thayer argue that not enough is being done to prepare the United States for NBC terrorism in their timely, compelling, and ambitious book, America's Achilles' Heel: Nuclear; Biological, and Chemical Terrorism and Covert Attack.
Scotland Yard already has an officer concentrating on contingency planning against nuclear, biological or chemical terrorism.
With the increased threat of nuclear and chemical terrorism, disaster plans call for a long-lasting antimicrobial dressing indicated for use in the management of combined injuries involving thermal, radiation, and chemical burns.
Under normal conditions, these labs provide a range of critical services, including newborn screening, biological and chemical terrorism testing, and infectious disease tracking.
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