chemical terrorism

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terrorism using the chemical agents of chemical warfare

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Each drill involved up to thirty hospital laboratory facilities, under the leadership of their associated Regional Resource Center (RRC), and at least one NYS DOH WC reference laboratory: Clinical Bacteriology, Chemical Terrorism or Clinical Virology.
Conditional Exclusion of Terrorism Involving Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Terrorism (Relating to Disposition of Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act), IL 09 96 01 07
Only by engaging in such efforts will we ever begin to approach true prevention, rather than simply isolating and treating the symptoms of chemical terrorism.
Nuclear, Biological Or Chemical Terrorism Exclusion (Other Than Certified Acts Of Terrorism); Cap On Losses From Certified Acts of Terrorism (PB 05 39)--This endorsement (1) excludes an "other act of terrorism" if the terrorism involves the use of nuclear materials, is carried out by means of the dispersal or application of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials, or pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials are released; and (2) caps loss payment as delineated in TRIA arising from a "certified act of terrorism.
With the recent announcement of CDC's 2005 Bioterrorism Preparedness Cooperative Agreement, state laboratories stand to boost their level of preparedness for chemical terrorism and to enhance biomonitoring capacity.
Astonishingly, the challenges associated with a response to a chemical terrorism event continue to go unmet.
We are vulnerable to catastrophic acts of chemical terrorism such as this plausible scenario.
ENCOURAGING private industry to invest in the creation of drugs and vaccines to combat biological and chemical terrorism has been a difficult process.
Chemical warfare and chemical terrorism owe their start to Haber.
Appendix F: The public health response to biological and chemical terrorism.
We will be the direct line from Main Street to Congress," said Balboni, who is chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs, which oversees and approves legislation relating to all aspects of homeland security, including weapons of mass destruction, computer and information technology security, state and local emergency planning, biological and chemical terrorism, agricultural terrorism, and other terrorist crimes.
Hoenig serves as the Miami Chemical Terrorism Coordinator at the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Laboratories.
The Scientific Working Group on Forensic Analysis of Chemical Terrorism has developed the following guidelines for laboratories engaged in the forensic analysis of chemical evidence associated with terrorism.
Mr Cranmer said that since the September 11 terror attacks, George had devoted his time to training emergency workers how to prevent and respond to radiological, biological and chemical terrorism.
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