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With the number of kids opting for science and maths-based subjects falling, Aimee is now an ambassador for Chemical Sciences Scotland to help encourage others to follow in her well-structured footsteps.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory is developing "designer soot."
The course has been developed in partnership with local industry and is the first of its kind in Teesside to offer units of study in chemical science, drawing upon the college's relationship with major employers in Teesside.
For all of these reasons, it is essential that the UK invests properly in a world class chemical science base and that the public and politicians realise that science will provide the solution to many of the challenges we face.
Leading experts in EPMA from industry, academia, and government, from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe met at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, April 8-11, 2002, to participate in a workshop on "The Accuracy Barrier in Quantitative EPMA and the Role of Standards" co-sponsored by the Surface and Microanalysis Science Division of the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory and the Microbeam Analysis Society (U.S.).
Such a technique should have a variety of applications in biological and chemical science.
The foundation degree in chemical science at Redcar and Cleveland College is being developed in conjunction with the University of Teesside.
The courses will be offered in advanced computer and communication technologies, chemical science and engineering innovation, environment and construction and power electronics.
The members are Ahsan Bhatti, (Communication Studies), Dr Fiza Zaffar (Maths), Prof Hasham Pasha, (Engineering), Dr Shamsul Rehman, (Islamiyat), Dr Amjad Ali, (Maths), Mrs Bushra Nasir, (Persian), Dr Tausif Sultan, ( Food Sciences), Dr Zahid Shafiq( Chemical Science) , Dr Jamshad Khan (Vet Sciences), Dr Umer Chaudhary, (Economics), Dr Farzana Mehmood, (Chemical Sciences), Dr Sajid Mohammad Zulfiqar Ali, (Engineering) and Sadia Malik (English).
It merits to mention here that NAB had already arrested Arif Ismail, Mohammad Ali, officials of Institute of Chemical Science University of Peshawar in the instant case.
Some 500 chemical science educators from around the world are expected to gather in Toronto in July 2014 thanks to a successful bid by the University of Toronto to host the 23rd IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Education.
Perhaps the CIC could set itself up as the peer review standard for chemical science published in the consumer press.