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Two-Year Epidemiologic Pattern of Acute Pharmaceutical and Chemical Poisoning Cases Admitted to Adama Hospital Medical College, Adama, Ethiopia.
As soon as we received the information, a team was sent to inspect the matter, along with a scientist, who confirmed that the sheep had died due to chemical poisoning from pesticides in the rain water puddle.
Pending the results of post-mortem, Villar said they have also been looking into the possibility of chemical poisoning or suffocation from the chemical.
NNA - Iran on Wednesday offered condolences to the families of four Saudis who died from an apparent accidental chemical poisoning during a pilgrimage in Iran, after Riyadh summoned Tehran's ambassador over the incident.
Sharjah: Police sources have confirmed that the cause of death of a 21-day-old Syrian child in Sharjah on Monday was due to chemical poisoning owing to pesticide usage.
A HEARTBROKEN Dalton woman has urged pet owners to look out for their animals after her cat died from chemical poisoning.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A woman has died of chemical poisoning while cleaning her bathroom.
They are just given symptomatic treatment for food poisoning even if the symptoms are due to chemical poisoning," said Krishna.
I was definitively not thrilled with the idea of fighting back chemical poisoning by ingesting even more chemicals.
Hundreds of people--supposedly born in the image of G-d--die before us from chemical poisoning, and the world remains silent.
According to Sharjah Police, doctors at first suspected food poisoning, but further medical examinations confirmed the cause as toxic chemical poisoning.
As one character, a high school guidance counselor, describes it, teens in agricultural Bear Hills grow up in a "whirl of sex, drugs, slow chemical poisoning from pesticides, incestuous nightmares, seasonal affective disorder-fueled binge drinking and fetal alcohol effect.
In February, agricultural giant Monsanto was found liable for chemical poisoning when a farmer fell ill after accidentally inhaling the company's Lasso weed killer.
Ali due to chemical poisoning through the skin on my hands.
Symptoms, which included fainting resulting from low blood pressure, occurred within minutes of consuming food from the restaurant and were consistent with chemical poisoning.