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Synonyms for peritonitis

inflammation of the peritoneum

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Chemical peritonitis associated with high dialysate acetaldehyde concentrations.
5) Meconium and digestive enzymes are extruded into the peritoneal cavity, inciting an intense chemical peritonitis and secondary inflammatory response.
One moment he'd been alive and well and enjoying a quiet afternoon sherry in the Headmaster's Study and the next he'd died of chemical peritonitis following a transurethral rupture of the prostate.
2] from plastic containers and the hazard of infusing an acid or alkaline dialysate into the patient before proper mixing, potentially causing chemical peritonitis (Feriani, Biasioli, & Borin, 1985).
Although no autopsy was conducted, a city medical examiner testified three years later that the woman died of chemical peritonitis, a bacterial infection caused by foreign matter in the abdominal cavity - in this case, the feeding solution that was mistakenly administered through the catheter.
It can be reasoned that initially in gastro duodenal perforations there is chemical peritonitis and bacterial peritonitis appear after 72 hours while in colorectal perforations bacterial peritonitis develops at onset as maximum bacterial load is present in luminal content of colon.