chemical operations

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warfare using chemical agents to kill or injure or incapacitate the enemy

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The committee selected nine supervisors - three each from pharmaceutical operations, chemical operations and facilities maintenance - as members of the design team and gave it three months to design the return-to-work system and another month to get the pilot program off the ground.
Elf Atochem has acquired the thiochemicals activity and the chemical operations upstream from Lactame manufacture from Elf Aquitaine Exploration Production France (EAEPF) of Lacq, France.
During his career, he has developed and managed oilfield chemical operations, corrosion consulting companies and started a publicly traded junior oil and gas company in Alberta.
ICI said it was in discussions with Ineos 'concerning potential disposals' - widely expected to be the remainder of its UK industrial chemical operations.
The company had its origins in the chemical operations of its former par Rubber Company, which dates back more than 88 years.
BASF Corporation (Florham Park, New Jersey) a subsidiary of BASF AG (Ludwigshafen, Germany) continues an aggressive plan to add capacity and increase capital investments for its chemical operations located in the United States.
During his tenure at AMRI, Mike has taken on several key roles, including managing chemical operations at our large scale manufacturing facility, where he was responsible for chemical development and the pilot plant.
Haber is currently carrying out due diligence on the property and is applying to the appropriate regulatory agencies for the approvals needed to allow chemical operations at the Okeechobee facility.
Chemical operations are highly integrated, resulting in cost advantages across the business cycle.
In 1998, he was named Vice President Asia Pacific to lead Cytec's rapidly expanding chemical operations in Asia and the South Pacific.
Chemical operations are highly integrated resulting in cost advantages across the business cycle.