chemical notation

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a notation used by chemists to express technical facts in chemistry

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Appendices include a list of polymer tradenames and their chemical notation, information on software for continuous quality improvement and statistical analysis, monitoring systems for injection molding, notes on nomenclature, and a glossary.
The full chemical notation for these 209 possible PCB congeners is inconvenient, and therefore various shorthand notations have been developed and adopted (Erickson 1997, 2001).
Responding to the architecture of the space, with its vaulted ceilings, metal bracings, and polyhedral floor plan, the triangles were interwoven as interdependent hexagons, pyramids, and parallelograms--something like a complicated chemical notation. The cloth panels were linked in a winding chain; Mirra stitched along one, two, or three edges of each triangle, rendering the whole assemblage a continuous meander of triangle groups in various configurations.
Baker, The Wiswesser Line-Formula Chemical Notation (WLN), 3rd edition, Chemical Information Management, Inc., 1976.
Specialized terminology, mathematical equations, and chemical notations are absent, even though a discussion of the relevant concepts is present.