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the atomic process that occurs during a chemical reaction

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This code solves equations (13) and (14) simultaneously by using a chemical mechanism for the fuel being studied.
Reacting spray simulations were compared against Sandia's reacting spray experiments [23,35,36] for the validation of the CFD model and the chemical mechanism.
Now, if such variations occur at each stage of the ongoing process of the chemical mechanism (even before reaching its equilibrium state), it is important to know its relaxation time and behaviour of the induced species during the transition process in the final stage.
Complex chemical mechanism is described by the following equations:
Among the latter was developing the chemical mechanism of combustion and procedures for attaining the highest yield of 100 octane fuel from crude oil.
FDA is also interested in understanding the chemical mechanism through which acrylamide forms when foods are heated, and has thus far refrained from recommending that Americans change their eating habits in light of the acrylamide concern.
The new study results indicate that early-onset alcoholism differs from late-onset alcoholism in its underlying chemical mechanism.
However, AberNile lacks a key part of the chemical mechanism needed for chlorophyll breakdown, and so keeps its green hue.
The chemical mechanism underlying the peroxide vulcanization of elastomers is relatively simple (figure 3).
The main chemical mechanism of corona discharge treatment is oxidation.
Although the physical mechanisms of lacquer formation involving particles and hydrocarbons in the exhaust were investigated, few studies have investigated the chemical mechanism [11].
The autoignition process is modelled in detail using the NUI 2010 chemical mechanism developed in [10, 11, 12, 13].
The study, published in the October 15 issue of Nature, points to a link between sex, species recognition a specific chemical mechanism.
Adhesives and sealants are categorized on the basis of whether the bonding involves a physical or chemical mechanism.
Indeed, using a complex chemical mechanism for cases such as Spray-A at 6 MPa is not necessarily any better than a less expensive but optimized simple mechanism.