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the manufacturers of chemicals considered collectively

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And on top of this, the most influential in this phenomenon has been the changing structure of the worldwide chemical industry with the growing regions including India, China, Brazil, Middle East and South East Asia starting to increase their influence in this industry.
The trade picture also improved for the Canadian chemical industry in 2006.
The new CAS number search function reduces the ambiguity of search results for the global chemical industry," said Julie Mason, general manager of Kellysearch.
The chemical industry conducts extensive research and testing on its products to implement product stewardship commitments and to ensure compliance with those governmental requirements.
Hokko Chemical Industry will be in charge of the Japanese market, and will collaborate with a UK venture company for overseas operations.
What makes Nynas Naphthenics different is not only our premium oils for the electrical, lubricant or chemical industry.
An unabashed promoter for the industry, the first issue of the magazine carries stories on: the chemical industry's new media campaign; green chemistry; the work of chemical industry manufacturing employees in transportation safety; blogging and privacy; and, employee profiles.
Bush has given primary responsibility for overseeing security improvements in the chemical industry to the EPA.
Aruvian's R'search analyzes the Hungarian chemical industry in its new report Chemical Industry in Hungary.
Synopsis A key constituent of the Indian economy that accounts for about five percent of the GDP, the Indian chemical industry has vital associations with several other industries such as automotives, consumer durables, food processing, iron and steel, textiles, paper, and engineering, among others.
The chemical industry is among the biggest of big businesses worldwide.
Information can be hazardous to your health--or so says the chemical industry
Until 1991, India had a closed economy, with the domestic chemical industry enjoying protection in the form of differential import duties on raw materials and finished chemical products.
Fuel Prices Influence Chemical Industry Operations 6
chemical industry realized that two factors played a major role in the severity of the incident: a lack of community awareness about chemical hazards and inadequate emergency response planning.
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