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As for gaseous pollutants, the measures are misleading because, he explains, the activity of the Chemical Group in September was disrupted by social movements.
Restart of work at the Tunisian chemical group in Gabes has impacted positively on other companies, whose activities depend on this group, including Timab Company, the chemical fluorine industries and the chemical company.
Hitachi Chemical Group has the photosensitive dry film production bases in Japan, China(Suzhou and Dongguan), Malaysia, and film slitting processing bases in China (Suzhou, Dongguan, and Yantai), Taiwan region, Korea, Malaysia, and the Netherlands and has the top share in the global market.
Silver ions initially bind to the polymers' chemical groups.
Eliokem is a specialty chemical group with headquarters in Ville-just near Paris, France.
When the metalloporphyrins come in contact with vapors containing Chemical groups common to environmental contaminants, they change color.
Potter, executive vice president responsible for the chemical group.
Himont, Wilmington, DE, and the Chemical Group of Monsanto, Charlotte, NC, have successfully concluded a five-year collaboration to develop and market Monsanto's "Phos-Chek" P-40 fire retardant and Himont's "Spinflam" MF82 halogen-free flame retardant additives.
We are excited about our strategic partnership with PTT Chemical Group as it validates our technology, our rapid progress toward commercializing our products and technology, and the tremendous market opportunity that lies ahead," said Stephen Gatto, Myriant Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
GABES, (TAP) - Security forces intervened Sunday morning to lift the sit-in observed since last May 31 by a group of unemployed people at the industrial zone in Gabes, blocking the railway used to carry phosphate from production units of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT).
At present, 22 companies of Sumitomo Chemical Group are operating in eight countries in this region, and the region is positioned as an important stronghold for Sumitomo Chemical in advancing its global business management.
Dutch chemical group Royal DSM (AMS:DSM) announced Wednesday an agreement to acquire US biotechnology firm Microbia from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:IRWD), without disclosing financial details.
The company used a combination of software systems to manage its chemical group, which consists of Blackman Uhler LLC, Organic Pigments LLC, and Manufacturers Chemical LLC.
GABES (TAP) - The industrial area of Gabes has recovered gradually its usual production pace after the resumption of activity in plants of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) and industrial companies based in the region.
Phospholipids are molecules that contain a water-attracting chemical group attached to a water-repelling chemical tail.
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