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SOURCE Shandong Dadi Salt Chemical Group Company Limited
The metalloporphyrin array was then exposed to chemical vapors specifically chosen to represent a wide range of functional chemical groups commonly found in environmental pollutants.
Gene Ramirez and his team at Morgan Joseph were highly instrumental in bringing this important association and crucial financing with PTT Chemical Group," said Mr.
With this investment, PTT Chemical Group supports Myriant's leadership position and proven track record in bringing innovation to the marketplace," said Stephen Gatto, Myriant Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
Part of the Reed Elsevier division Reed Business Information (RBI), the RBI Chemical Group won the UK online publishing industry's most sought-after accolade after beating off tough competition from many of Europe's largest publishing groups.
Moreover, a cage of 60 carbon atoms has 60 places at which to attach chemical groups in almost any configuration.
OXFORD, England -- EcoSecurities (LSE:ECO) announces that it has signed an agreement with the Shanxi Tianji Coal Chemical Group to develop one of the largest N2O abatement Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in China.
Computer Sciences Corporation has announced that its Chemical Group has earned the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM) Level 3 rating.
The chemical group chosen also selectively binds a type of airborne molecule, even when that molecule is present in low concentrations.
General Chemical Group is a leading producer of soda ash, serving worldwide markets, and of calcium chloride, serving North American markets.
Then, to link each type of chemical group to the nanotubes, they bathed the bucky paper in a solution containing a different aryl diazonium salt.
SPCC), Shenyang Chemical Group Corporation's 135,000 tons per year ethylene plant in Liaoning Province, China.
an Internet-based e-commerce trading platform, has signed an agreement with Reed Chemical Group (RCG) to provide clients with vital and timely pricing information and market commentary.
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