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a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

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Through elemental analysis, two compounds had same chemical formula as C17H15O + ([M+H]+, calc.
lt;/p><p>The domain, representing the chemical formula for carbon dioxide, is expected to be of interest to environmental organisations although the site is currently developed as an e-commerce website.
These standards include the ingredient's chemical formula, structure and weight; function and definition; impurity limits; and packaging, storage and labeling information.
Dealers have pounced on the substance, known as "drone", "bubble" and "meow meow", because its chemical formula is just one molecule different to ecstasy.
Teacher: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
5 : an expression in symbols giving the makeup of a substance <The chemical formula for water is H[sub.
Each entry provides the chemical formula of the ingredient and a drawing of its molecular structure.
It's the hexatriyne ion, with the chemical formula [C.
The chemical formula of sucrose is written as follows: --.
The movie, if that's an appropriate word for what better could be described as a fluid succession of alienating scenes, follows this numerical path and produces, like a chemical formula, a portrait of an archetypal modern Western man.
For monitoring these changes any keyword or combination of keywords may be used, such as a product or company name, a chemical formula, or a drug trade name.
The Mainichi report, ''Continuation of sarin research,'' said a female AUM member's notebook, seized by police, mentioned sarin's chemical formula.
A system of terms applicable to ordered microporous and mesoporous materials is proposed, and rules for writing a standardized crystal chemical formula for such materials are presented.
AMERICAN scientists say they have discovered the chemical formula which controls our sleep.
Tenders are invited for Refrigerant Gas R407c Having Chemical Name Difluoro Methane Penta Fluoro Ethane 1,1,1,2-Tetra Fluoro Ethane And Chemical Formula Ch2f2/Cf3-Chf2/Cf3-Ch2f For Use In Ac Coaches In 52 Kgs.