chemical defence

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procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using chemical agents

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Chemical defence against bacteria in the red alga Asparagopsis armata: linking structure with function.
Baird suggests that the presence of a chemical defence in the eggs of P.
Mr Eldridge, the editor of Jane's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence, added: "I would say it was irresponsible.
For the MoD, the programme is managed by The Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defence Integrated Product Team.
The important task of providing this critical oversight lies with a little-known agency: the Ottawa-based Biological and Chemical Defence Review Committee (BCDRC).
The system is currently undergoing final trials at the Defence Ministry's Porton Down chemical defence centre in Wiltshire
He was chief science officer at Britain's Natural Environ-ment Research Council Institute of Virology and head of microbiology at the Chemical Defence Establishment in Porton Down from 1984 to 1992.
John Eldridge, editor of Jane's Nuclear,Biological and Chemical Defence, said it was no surprise there were salesmen trying to cash in on people's fears.
This issue, chemistry professor Pierre Potvin of York University, who chairs the Biological and Chemical Defence Review Committee, offered to pen an overview of Canada's chemical weapons history.
The contract with a value of around Pounds Sterling 300K calls for delivery of the GID-3 & Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM) to fulfill a variety of chemical defence roles in and around the ground stations for the ASTOR programme.
Jean-Francois Legault was posted to the Directorate of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence, Canadian Forces, as project director responsible for the detection and identification of chemical and radiological agents.
DRDC has more than 50 years of success in providing scientific excellence to the CF in areas such as radar, communications, sonar systems, lasers, rocket systems electro-optics, biological and chemical defence, mine countermeasures, life support systems and marine vehicle systems.
Legault has been credited by the Canadian Forces with "expand[ing] the national knowledge and interest base for chemical defence by virtue of his assumption of the presidency of the CSChE.
Major Jean-Francois Legault, PEng, MCIC, works at the Directorate of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence, Department of National Defence, and vice-chair of the Ottawa CIC/CSChE Local Section.
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