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Chiromics LLC is a drug discovery company that designs and synthesizes broadly diverse chemical compound libraries, using a patented "cascade catalysis" technology that produces drug-like molecules with a stereochemically defined framework.
While that product may also be mined for additional hydrogen atoms, gluconic acid itself is a valuable chemical compound currently used by a number of industries.
Special attention is paid to crystalline solids and elucidation and description of the spatial order of atoms within a chemical compound.
Sweeting, then a graduate student, was preparing a chemical compound that she had been told was light-sensitive.
Patent for chemical compound screening, with important applications in the development of new pharmaceutical products.
Peter Barnes, head of respiratory medicine at London's Imperial College, tested the effectiveness of theobromine, a chemical compound in chocolate, at stopping coughs.
The DTSC began investigating the Newhall facility and its storage of zirconium potassium perchlorate - a highly explosive chemical compound - in August 1999, examining practices spanning 10 years at the Placerita facility.
A "tag" is attached to each bead encoding the structural identity of the chemical compound on that bead.
It is a durable product that can be cleaned with industrial-strength chemical compounds and can be used to cover uneven surfaces, cracks and holes in the wall.
Researchers sorting through large numbers of chemical compounds to identify new drug candidates may soon be heading for the express check-out lane.
The unusual growth of the ozone hole is attributed to low temperatures in winter under the ozone layer which can break down water vapor and nitric acid into cloud-like material containing chlorine chemical compounds, the officials said.
American company 3M has announced it is to stop making Scotchgard stain- resistant sprays after tests revealed that chemical compounds in the products linger in the environment and human body for several years.
to offer truly turnkey services to hair care clients, Chemical Compounds and its sister company Celcor Products Inc.
Chemical compounds discovered by Paradigm's patented method may lead to the development of more effective, less toxic fungicides.
However, using broad-spectrum analyses of multiple media and a chemical use history of the site, Cherry and colleagues identified 164 chemical compounds, 65% of which would not have appeared either using conventional analysis or on an Environmental Protection Agency checklist of target breakdown compounds to screen for.
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