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The researchers developed and then tested this chemical compound against powerful viruses, including RSV and Zika virus.
"We took the drugs available in hospitals used on cancer patients and naturally occurring compounds such as turmeric, and we formulated them in this chemical compound, which reaches tumours faster than conventional chemotherapy treatment drugs," said Ms Al Zahrani.
The chemical compound profile also changes at different points of the body of an individual.
The elemental symbols which make up certain chemical compounds will transpose into words.
The technique involves submerging printed circuit boards in a mild acid to dissolve the metal parts, before adding an oily liquid containing the team's chemical compound.
General Daboun reiterated that the bags full of raw materials for making explosives and poisonous gases have been discovered from the chemical compound.
Caption: A chemical compound commonly found in coffee may help prevent weight finds new research.
RESEARCHERS IN the US have discovered chemical compounds which allow other cells in the eye to act as photoreceptors in mice.
Manama, September 21st (BNA) --The Supreme Council for Environment and Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) discussed the environmental feasibility for the improvers of Gasoline fuel of category MTBE for the improved fuel, so as to know about all the environmental, economic, health, and utilitarian aspects result from adopting the mentioned chemical compound as a standard element in the gasoline used in Kingdom of Bahrain.
The facility apparently did not tell the proper authorities that it stored hundreds of tons of the highly volatile chemical compound ammonium nitrate on the site and, by all accounts, the facility appears to have lacked sufficient risk management measures to attempt to protect its neighbors from a worst-case-scenario situation.
Pursuant to the contract Bristol-Myers Squibb said that it has been granted exclusive license to a proprietary chemical compound collection and non-exclusive license for use of Chiromics' chemical compound library, adding that the two companies will collaborate on a screening to discover and optimise novel classes of small molecules against multiple therapeutic targets.
For example, MAIChem would recognize that "hydrogen sulfate" is a chemical compound and "hydrophobia" is not.
These products are typically labeled as incense but are sprayed with a chemical compound similar to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana.
For scientists, engineers, and graduate students involved in the study of solid-state processes and their applications, Dybkov (physical chemistry of inorganic materials, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) outlines a physico-chemical approach to the problem of solid-state growth of chemical compound layers and reaction diffusion in binary heterogeneous systems formed by two solids or a solid with a liquid or a gas.
Although the factory owner claims to have stopped using the chemical compound, on May 5 Labour Ministry test results confirmed the factory was releasing higher than acceptable levels of dichloromethane into the air.
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