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(chemistry) a series of linked atoms (generally in an organic molecule)

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Oxidative chain scission is a chemical chain breaking reaction where oxygen radicals randomly attack the NR chain, and although long chains will be broken, short chains can become even shorter during this process.
bacterial flagella, the cascade required for blood to clot, and the chemical chain that must fire in order to for us to see.
Scientists examining the victims have diagnosed a chemical chain reaction between the plastic of the dolls' bodies and the iron of the pins joining the body parts.
Under minimal heat and high pressure, a chemical chain reaction occurs between the two components, which rapidly bonds the fibers.
The manner in which a lightning stroke, or a single match, can burn down an entire forest is an example of a chemical chain reaction.
Halon works by interrupting the chemical chain reaction of the fire, not by removing oxygen as many people believe.
These fats in the bloodstream may then set up a chemical chain reaction that eventually promotes high levels of several clotting factors, including factor VII.
Then 800 million years ago, phosphorus began accumulating in shallow ocean areas near coastlines, apparently setting off chemical chain reactions that pumped oxygen into the atmosphere and oceans, jumpstarting the development of organisms that had more than one cell.
That vapor could set the stage for a chemical chain reaction that produces chlorine compounds, including pairs of chlorine atoms.
This chemical chain of events could affect the organic material dissolved in the pond water - turning harmless organic material into substances that are toxic to aquatic animals.
In that plan, the company is aiming the unique development via planning projects of propylene from LPG and propylene derivatives, and by extending chemical chain management including electronic materials and fine chemicals.
Scientists had found the tainted fuel could set off a chemical chain reaction, producing a viscous material that can clog fuel lines and cause motors to stall.
In MS, this molecule may be a key hnk in a bio- chemical chain of command gone wrong.
Once the antibodies latch onto alpha-gal, they induce a chemical chain reaction that releases histamines and other inflammatory proteins that spark the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
A chemical chain reaction can occur inside the body and sabotage the best weight loss efforts," Roca added.