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(chemistry) a series of linked atoms (generally in an organic molecule)

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Oxidative chain scission is a chemical chain breaking reaction where oxygen radicals randomly attack the NR chain, and although long chains will be broken, short chains can become even shorter during this process.
This chemical chain of events could affect the organic material dissolved in the pond water - turning harmless organic material into substances that are toxic to aquatic animals.
In that plan, the company is aiming the unique development via planning projects of propylene from LPG and propylene derivatives, and by extending chemical chain management including electronic materials and fine chemicals.
Scientists had found the tainted fuel could set off a chemical chain reaction, producing a viscous material that can clog fuel lines and cause motors to stall.
A key part of the chemical chain reaction takes place on the surface of frozen cloud particles, so cold temperatures worsen ozone destruction.
In MS, this molecule may be a key hnk in a bio- chemical chain of command gone wrong.
A chemical chain reaction can occur inside the body and sabotage the best weight loss efforts," Roca added.
A probe 'locks on to' a gene - a link of a chemical chain called DNA which dictates a person's body, everything from colour of eyes and hair to predisposition to illnesses like heart disease.
Taken together, Huseman says, these findings suggest lead's role in limiting height may occur early in the chemical chain of events regulating bone growth, perhaps in the brain.
GetAwayGrey is a supplement that replicates the Catalase enzyme to stop the chemical chain reaction that results in grey hair.
These products are based on proven technology Savi has deployed globally for more than a decade, and can be seamlessly integrated with Savi's SmartChain(R) Enterprise platform and Savi's software applications for a number of supply chain solutions, including Asset Management, Transportation Security, Consignment Management and Chemical Chain of Custody.
The Savi Chemical Chain of Custody Solution augments existing safety, security and risk management procedures by providing another layer of asset and content visibility.
The acquisition builds on Celanese' strong position in the acetyls chemical chain and will be part of the company's Acetyl Products segment.
The drugs, which are taken by an estimated 23 million patients in about 100 countries, work by interrupting a chemical chain reaction in the body that causes blood pressure to rise.
The acquisition builds on Celanese's strong position in the acetyls chemical chain and will be part of the company's Acetyl Products segment.