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the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing

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These can seriously decrease chemical cauterization effectiveness of the phenol by decreasing its intensity applied to the sinus.
6] Many treatment modalities are available for umbilical granuloma such as chemical cauterization, electrocauterization, cryocauterization, granuloma ligation, and surgical excision.
These range from conservative methods such as enucleation, marsupialization, curettage, chemical cauterization, peripheral ostectomy to much aggressive treatments such as marginal or segmental resection.
In this study we found that chemical cauterization is easy to perform as compared to electrocautery in which special equipment and better expertise is required, many other studies also support these observations14.
Lastly it was treated with chemical cauterization and cryo-cauterization ([LN.
Chemical cauterization with Carnoy's solution is also advocated for subgroups 1 and 1.
d) Chemical cauterization eg, with trichloroacetic acid, for deep lesions
Hydrogen peroxide serves as a mode of chemical cauterization and, thus, helps in eliminating microscopic tumor remnants if any left over after excision.