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Beta tests have now proved that FlatBOND GT, MEC's marquis copper surface treatment from Uyemura, forms a chemical bond that is superior in strength to any mechanical bond, and preserves transmission signal integrity.
Applications: Aiding the understanding of chemical bonds at the fundamental level and in the discovering of new materials.
Chapter 5 studies the structure of H-bonded dimers and the nature of the hydrogen bond, which has a strength intermediate between a VdW bond and a weak chemical bond.
The bond valence model is a recently developed model of the chemical bond in inorganic chemistry that complements the bond model widely used in organic chemistry.
A short curing time is said to yield a chemical bond, producing a firmly integrated composite part, according to the company.
With a current spunlace capacity of 12,000 tons and a chemical bond capacity of 1800 tons, Green Bay targets a broad range of end use markets including baby care, feminine hygiene, consumer cleaning and disinfectant wipes, food service and industrial wipes, medical, filtration and home furnishings.
Then, as the two compatible Santoprene TPV parts cool, they form a tight chemical bond.
For almost a century, industrial chemists have had to rely on hellishly high temperatures and gas pressures to cleave the tenacious chemical bond that holds together each two-atom nitrogen molecule.
Crystal's patented process forms a clear, colorless, chemical bond to the metal surface of the mold.
NIMBUS(TM) is a technology that insures a permanent chemical bond to materials such as cotton, cotton blends, paper, or polyurethane to create high-performance wound dressings, fabrics or other medical and consumer products.
The Santoprene enhanced-bonding TPEs employ heat and pressure, instead of adhesives, to achieve a chemical bond to a variety of substrates.
This is a physical bond which is weaker than a chemical bond.
Since no chemical bond breaking or bond forming occurs, the process is easily reversible, says Joerg Lahann of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Here, a chemical bond is supposed to form by reactions of the silane alcoxy groups with the hydroxyl groups on the metal surface.
Balazs Analytical Services, a part of Air Liquide America's Electronics business unit, will now be able to provide comprehensive micro-contamination support by adding chemical bond identification to its well-known elemental identification expertise.
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