chemical attraction

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the force attracting atoms to each other and binding them together in a molecule


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The free radicals and other particles that exist in the highly active plasma discharge can attach to the material's surface, resulting in the formation of additional polar groups, these have a strong chemical attraction to paints, coatings, sealants, inks and adhesives leading to significantly enhanced surface energy, polarity and therefore adhesion.
He suspects that about three-fourths of amino acids currently in the code entered via chemical attraction.
I think and hope that there is nearly as much difference between trying to find out whether species of a genus have had a common ancestor and concerning oneself with the first origin of life, as between making out the laws of chemical attraction and the first origin of matter.
But aside from concerns about Clinton's electability, authenticity or trustworthiness, I'm routinely struck by the number of Democrats who talk about her as though they were caught in a relationship with someone who initially looked good on paper but somehow never elicited a chemical attraction.
D sechellia has evolved resistance to the toxins of its host fruit as well as a strong chemical attraction to its scent.
It was curiosity, as well as a kind of chemical attraction .
Explained one egghead: "With men and women it can be the chemical attraction of love, with pheromones and other hormones being released and the two obviously attracted to each other.
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