chemical attraction

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the force attracting atoms to each other and binding them together in a molecule


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Chemical attractions between molecules, others report, could have set the code's destiny.
Chemical attraction of kleptoparasitic flies to heteropteran insects caught by orb-weaving spiders.
Unfortunately, as an ether, MTBE has a chemical attraction to water molecules.
Explained one egghead: "With men and women it can be the chemical attraction of love, with pheromones and other hormones being released and the two obviously attracted to each other.
Then, they wash the patterned silicon surface with a compound containing two polymers: one with a chemical attraction to the stripes, another without.
Basically, "there's a strong chemical attraction between the bread and gravy," explains University of Virginia physicist Lou Bloomfield.
Rupert Moon talks to chemical ecologist Professor Carsten Muller, who explains how chemical attraction works in the mating game.
Actually, it's a chemical attraction carefully engineered into the NP3 process.
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