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Zakis of the Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga, Latvia, Zakis addresses the problems concerning the chemical analysis of lignin, which are of everincreasing interest to the research community.
Today, Good and other researchers are applying high-tech methods of chemical analysis to ancient textiles and fibers to glean unique clues about past civilizations.
Cho and coworkers (in press), after developing a new chemical analysis procedure, quantified in A-DEP four PAH-quinones, compounds thought to be active in producing reactive oxygen species that may play a role, among others, in asthma exacerbation (Li et al.
Since the time it takes to send samples to a commercial lab or use in-house wet/combustion chemical analysis could delay a shipment of castings to the customer, foundries utilize in-house spectrometers to provide analysis before the castings are out of the mold.
She's going to follow up with a couple of things, possibly do chemical analysis on some of the things she found,'' said Death Valley National Park spokesman Tim Stone.
LONDON -- Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Global Research & Data Services analyses on physical and chemical analysis equipment markets in various countries have been added to its catalogue.
Requirements of the program currently include semi-annual sampling and chemical analysis, associating reporting, and an Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report.
Santa Clara, CA 11/17/06--Agident Technologies has opened a new product demonstration center for its life science and chemical analysis business at its corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California.
The FBI has used chemical analysis of bullets in some 2,500 investigations since the early 1980s.
Chemical analysis services provided include thermo analytical, infrared spectroscopy and chromatography.
Spectrometers offer foundries unmatched automated chemical analysis, making it one of the most dependable and essential pieces of equipment in the metalcasting industry.
Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) announced today that it has created a Chemical Analysis Division within its Bruker Daltonics subsidiary.
1) Part 1: atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) for the determination of macronutrients for the Central Laboratory of Chemical Analysis coals;
Agilent Technologies reported fiscal first fiscal quarter Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) sales growth of 13.
After the cupola was tapped, pin samples and a chilled disc sample were obtained at periodic intervals from the continuous molten iron stream for chemical analysis.
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