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A chemical agent, like any other substance, absorbs and reflects electromagnetic energy.
For nearly 40 years, workers at the NECD safely stored 1,269 tons of chemical agent VX in 1,690 steel containers.
A manufacturer said that the oil price is much higher than the special chemical agents which are used to produce ink power.
Recent research indicates that exposure to lower doses of a chemical agent for longer durations may be more potent than previously believed, that the calculations are not as linear as had been portrayed.
The warning sirens--there are thirty-seven total--were put in place when the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility began the incineration process.
According to Frost & Sullivan, this Award is presented to Bruker Daltonics in recognition of its extensive knowledge and experience in the development and manufacture of CBRNE detection systems based on a broad array of technologies, including mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), semiconductor technology, and fast neutron activation analysis for the detection and identification of biological and chemical agents, radiological threats as well as explosives.
The JSLSCAD uses a passive infrared detection system that automatically searches the 7- to 14-micron region of the surrounding atmosphere for chemical agent vapor clouds.
Haraburda is the deputy site project manager for operations at the Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility.
This technology can be used in many ways, including detection of chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and other chemical agents that may be used by terrorists," said Pompeii, head of the NSWCDD Chemical-Biological (CB) Defense Division.
Emissions from the incinerators are routed through a state-of-the-art pollution abatement system, plus a multilayered carbon filtration system that is monitored to ensure that the chemical agent is not released to the atmosphere.
Address for correspondence: Anders Tegnell, Task Force on Biological and Chemical Agent Threats, Public Health Directorate, European Commission, L-2920 Luxembourg, Belgium; fax: +352 4301 33449; email: anders.
The joint venture will make TMAH and sell the chemical agent to customers in Asia while taking over the operations of a plant run by Showa Denko in Higashi-Nagahara, Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan.
Pexa, a leading specialist in paints and coatings, has made its infrared reflective and chemical agent resistant camouflage paints available for British national and now international defence industry applications.
The primary purpose of the guide is to provide emergency first-responders with information to aid them in the selection and utilization of chemical agent and toxic industrial material (TIM) detection equipment.
Mr Clinton, speaking in San Francisco to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, indicated that US intelligence has been closely watching Belgrade's chemical agent supply.
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