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After a chemical agent attack, Soldiers determined if the agent had dispersed by taking off their masks and performing a "sniff test.
The pocket-sized M4A1 Joint Chemical Agent Detector is designed to automatically discovers, identifies, and alerts U.
A secondary chemical agent is one that is not anticipated to contact the molded plastic part throughout its lifecycle.
Additionally, military and civilian chemical agent detection has
Summary: At least four Hezbollah fighters are receiving treatment in Beirut after coming into contact with chemical agents in Syria, a security source told The Daily Star Monday.
It detects all the chemical agents the military requires--nerve, blood and blister--and toxic industrial chemicals such as ammonia, boron trichloride, phosgene, nitric acid, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen cyanide.
Austin-based bioengineering company Reactive Surfaces announced the general availability of WMDtox, the world's first self-decontaminating coating that protects firearms, vehicles, equipment and uniforms by neutralizing organophos-phorous chemical agents such as sarin.
Washington Demilitarization was slapped with an $8,880 penalty for failing to perform required monitoring of a chemical agent in October 2010.
Compared to the majority of diseases, the approach to nuclear, biological, or chemical agent exposures presents different and unique challenges to the clinician.
While it operated from April 2003 to February 2006, the Aberdeen Chemical Agent Disposal Facility neutralized 1,623 tons of mustard agent.
Being done on a recently retired Edwards Air Force Base F-16 jet, the test uses a simulated chemical agent and a simulated biological agent.
On March 29, the Pine Bluff Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (PBCDF) began destruction of the Cold War-era chemical weapon stockpile stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal.
The Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (NECDF) was designed and built to neutralize the chemical nerve agent VX.
based STR can now manufacture and sell a basic version of the patented Shipboard Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm (Ship ACADA) to non-federal government and commercial entities.
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