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Peter Pritchard, director of Chelonian Research Institute, recalls that the researcher casually mentioned his sighting when the two were dining together.
An article on the efficacy of a chelonian vermifuge observed that cloacal flushes lack sensitivity which may also be partly responsible for our negative results (Bodri et al.
NEW YORK, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- ACF announced today that its subsidiary, Chelonian Corp.
Although CPUE has been used as an index of abundance in chelonian studies (e.
Dreslik and Phillips (2005) compiled attributes of 19 chelonian communities in the upper Midwest.
Linnaeus Fund Research Project, Chelonian Conservation and Biology 3:142-143.
Wolff (2007) reported that phorids will deposit eggs on healthy chelonian eggs, so flies that initially are attracted to decaying eggs also may take advantage of normally developing eggs present in the nest.
In addition, research shows evidence of multiple threats common to chelonian populations, including habitat degradation, introduction of fire ants, and commercial collection for the pet trade.
Rux is known around town for the massive chelonian she keeps, which clocks in at about 50 pounds.
The senior chelonian from Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has sent out a clarion call for states that wish to do so to ignore U.
Chelydra serpentina has the broadest geographic range of any North American chelonian (Iverson, 1992).
The book is meant to be a companion to Mader's Reptile Medicine and Surgery (2006) and includes advances and updates for husbandry equipment, clinical virology, mycotic diseases, therapeutics, anesthesia and analgesia, and diagnostic endoscopy, as well as new reptile topics like veterinary specialization, common pathology and diseases seen in pet stores, clinical aspects of evolution, molecular infectious disease diagnostics, conditioning and behavioral training, endosurgery, vacuum-assisted wound closure, new techniques in chelonian shell repair, video telescope operating microscopy, laboratory animal medicine, working with wild reptiles, forensic investigation, and issues of species invasion and conservation.