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inflammation and cracking of the skin of the lips

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She had mild chelitis and skin dryness and complained of mild hair fall.
The prevalence of CD is approximately 1% in the general population for American and European communities.3 Similarly, the ratio of CD was reported as 1:115 in Turkey.4 Patients with CD can also show some symptoms in oral cavity as it is a part of gastrointestinal system.5 The most common oral symptoms are recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), dental enamel defects, delayed eruption, atrophic glossitis and angular chelitis.5
Oral submucous fibrosis, erosive lichen planus, angular chelitis, solar keratosis and nicotinus stomatitis are a few other premalignant lesions of the oral cavity.6 Accordingly it has various clinical presentations like a non-heal- ing ulcer with indurated margins, a lump, an exo- phytic verrucous growth or simply a white / erythro- plakic patch.
It is characterized by angular stomatitis, chelitis and glossitis in addition to scrotal involvement.
Other forms of squamous cell carcinoma include keratoacanthoma, actinic chelitis, and Bowen's disease.
The distribution of mucosal lesion's was: angular chelitis, gingivitis, herpetic stomatit, herpetic stomatit + angular chelitis, pseudomembranous candidiasis + angular chelitis + gingivitis; fistula and herpetic labials.
Only 35% knew that riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is associated with angular chelitis, but over half (54%) knew that gingko could increase the risk of bleeding.
* angular chelitis (red, flaking lesions at corners of mouth)
Adverse events that occur in more than 20% of patients taking 50 mg/day over 8 weeks include chelitis, skin peeling, pruritus, rhinitis, dry skin, and alopecia.