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of or relating to or resembling chelicerae


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We expect to find fossils of animals that have persisted from more ancient times, and I'm hopeful we will one day find the ancestral type of both the mandibulate and chelicerate nervous system ground patterns.
Scorpions are terrestrial chelicerates that have a fossil record extending back more than 400 million years to the Silurian Period.
Chelicerate arthropods, including the oldest phalangiotarbid arachnid from the Early Devonian (Siegenian) of the Rhenish Massif, Germany.
gertschi 18S gene is greater than that of any of the 49 chelicerate taxa reported by Giribet & Wheeler (2001) or of any full arachnid 18S sequence currently found in the Genbank database.
They belong to a group of animals known as the chelicerates that includes water-dwelling horseshoe crabs as well as spiders, mites, and ticks.
It is unknown why chelicerates produce the D optical isomer of lactate whilst other arthropods, such as crustaceans, produce the L optical isomer and others (most insects) appear to have lost the expression of the LDH gene (Long & Kaplan 1968; Sacktor & Wormser-Shavit 1966).