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of or relating to or resembling chelicerae


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In a large maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis of genomic and expressed opsins, Limulus opsins cluster together with other chelicerate opsins in three of the four major opsin groups: R-type, C-type, and RGR/Go-type or Group 4 opsins (Fig.
Scorpions are terrestrial chelicerates that have a fossil record extending back more than 400 million years to the Silurian Period.
1186/s12862-017-1088-7) The open-access paper was titled "Mandibulate convergence in an armored Cambrian stem chelicerate.
In the short-wavelength-sensitive clade of opsins, there are two groups of chelicerate opsins (Fig.
We expect to find fossils of animals that have persisted from more ancient times, and I'm hopeful we will one day find the ancestral type of both the mandibulate and chelicerate nervous system ground patterns.
The fibrin clot in vertebrates, the coagulin clot of chelicerate arthropods, and the extracellular clot of crustaceans, established by the transglutaminase-mediated covalent crosslinking of an abundant plasma protein, variously identified as "clotting protein" (CP) or "very high-density lipoprotein" (VHDL), represent well-characterized examples of the extracellular matrix that is formed at wound sites.
The crustacean phenoloxidase trees were generated with alignments of the three partial amino acid sequences that we obtained by amplification using the chelicerate primers described above and the corresponding region in six other published crustacean phenoloxidases.
Our total dataset for amber and non-amber spiders yields 979 fossil species; thus spiders show the highest levels of paleodiversity approaching three times as many species as the next largest chelicerate groups (Table 1).
Like Limulus, the scorpion is a chelicerate, and it shares a number of features in its structure and development with the horseshoe crab.
However, the few processes representing putative nerve endings may indicate an efferent innervation known also from other chelicerate eyes, which have been shown to induce the movements of pigment granules according to a circadian clock in scorpions (Fleissner & Schliwa 1977; Fleissner 1986).
The results provide a more complete picture of the cellular organization and activities of amebocytes than had been obtained previously, revealing basic structural and functional similarities between these ancient, multifunctional chelicerate blood cells and specialized vertebrate clotting cell types.
gertschi 18S gene is greater than that of any of the 49 chelicerate taxa reported by Giribet & Wheeler (2001) or of any full arachnid 18S sequence currently found in the Genbank database.
If chelicerate ganglia form via neuroblasts, they are probably an old arthropod character and therefore i nvalid for establishing a crustacean-insect sister group relationship.
htm) Science Daily , but paleontologists with both the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum have reportedly revisited the fossil, and discovered that the predator, believed to be very small but still fierce, to determine that it was actually a close relative of the ancestor of all chelicerates, a sub-group of arthropods living today.
Velvet worm development links myriapods with chelicerates.