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of or relating to or resembling chelicerae


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The cheliceral claw of Acutiramus (Arthropoda: Eurypterida): functional analysis based on morphology and engineering principles.
Cheliceral furrow with 2 anterior and 4 posterior teeth; with 4 long bristles at posterior base of fang.
Diagnostic characters of the species include the presence of a single, dorsal macrosetae on tibia I and three teeth on the promargin of the cheliceral fang furrow (Dondale and Redner, 1983).
After finding a prime place to feast, they sink a pair of cutting implements, called cheliceral digits, into the skin.
uelensis Wanless, 1978, but the male may be easily distinguished from them by the lack of an apophysis on the cheliceral fang, while the female has relatively simpler looped spermathecae.
Pilus dentilis on fixed cheliceral digits absent in this new species but it is present in Phytoseius (Phytoseius) mancus.
One somewhat large denticle on the distal aspect of the ventral edge of the movable cheliceral finger of the holotype, the adult female has two to four spaced denticles.
Cheliceral dentition characteristic of the genus Tityobuthus (Vachon 1963); ventral aspect of both finger and manus with dense, long setae.
Chelicerae small, downward-directed; cheliceral furrow and fang very short; prolateral lamina small but distinct.
Chelicerae (length 118-123) with two setiform, barbed cheliceral setae; cha (36-41) longer than chb (24-28).
Because there is no fondal notch, the cheliceral width/fixed finger width ratio is used to indicate whether the fixed cheliceral finger of the male is thin or robust in relation to the size of the chelicera.
11); fovea indistinct; clypeus narrow; sternum shield-shaped, longer than wide, with brown or transparent hairs along edge; mouthparts with endites long with rounded tips, longer than wide; labium and endites with scattered short hairs or setae; cheliceral furrow edentate; dorsal surfaces of chelicerae with variable number of short, thick, erect setae.