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either of the first pair of fang-like appendages near the mouth of an arachnid

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Chelicerae brown, pluridentati, with 5 or 6 teeth on both margins (Fig.
In the first step of the oviposition, the female everted her ovipositor and placed its tip in contact with her chelicerae for up to 7 min.
Chelicerae dark red-brown with black mottling, yellow proximally retrolaterally, distally prolaterally and on posterior surface of paturon, with scattered long, erect straight setae on anterior surface and curved setae on fang promargin not pectinate (Fig.
Chelicerae with internal sclerotised nodes, fixed digit with apical sensory organ and longer than movable digit, both digits bearing a single tooth (Fig.
Chelicerae fuchsia on frontal face and light yellow on prolateral face (Fig.
Rastellum on low mound, consists of nine short, thick, curved spines of which seven on mound and two in anterior line, accompanied by several pointed thin spines on dorsal, vertical face and upwards; two glabrous bands longitudinal on dorsolateral surface of chelicerae.
Chelicerae (length 131) chelate-dentate; cheliceral setae setiform, barbed, cha (61) longer than chb (32).
Chelicerae unidentati, dark brown, endites dark yellow, external margins of endites with triangular lobes.
Chelicerae and sternum dark, labium and endites with pale margins.
Carapace pale brown with longitudinal lighter stripe from eyes to posterior margin of carapace; chelicerae, labium, endites, sternum, and legs pale brown; posterior median and lateral eyes on black tubercles; legs with dorsal, transverse dark spots.
Chelicerae pale yellow-orange; anterior surface smooth, with scattered short fine setae; promargin and retromargin each with two small subequal teeth, each pair situated close together.
Chelicerae usually with two or three promarginal teeth and two retromarginal teeth; labium usually longer than broad; endites straight along lateral margin; serulla distinct.
Chelicerae orange-brown with faint dark mottling on anterior surface of paturon, with numerous white setae; 3 teeth on promargin, median tooth largest, proximal and distal teeth subequal, distal tooth situated closest to median tooth; 2 slightly separated subequal teeth on retromargin, closer to fang base than promarginal teeth; endites orange-red, cream prolaterally; labium orange-red, cream distally; sternum granulated, red, with faint black mottling (Fig.