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Synonyms for chelate

a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions

form a chelate, in chemistry

Related Words

relating to or characterized by chelation


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If you did 55,000 infusions, can you say that chelation therapy, regardless if it works or not, is safe?
Two in the placebo group and two in the chelation group.
We did not see any kidney failure that was caused by chelation.
KH: So let's get into some of how, in my years, you know, we never really knew how to explain how chelation therapy might work.
So, you know it's interesting, you know when it said chelation you always think of EDTA, but I think of those six, seven other nutrients.
GH: Well, that's really why I have been calling it intermittently an EDTA-based chelation regimen.
Gervasio Lamas from Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, who coauthored a very interesting paper, "Effect of Disodium EDTA Chelation Regimen on Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Previous Myocardial Infarction.
Chelation therapy can be traced back to 1938, when a German chemist, identified as F.
Since that time many landmark studies have been published that provide data supporting the safety and benefits of using chelation therapy in humans.
showed improved myocardial perfusion in a study of 26 patients with advanced ischemic heart disease, and a 91 % overall improvement in their symptoms after chelation therapy with nutritional supplements and dietary counseling.
Claus Hancke and Knute Flytlie published a retrospective study of EDTA chelation in 470 patients and found through mostly objective measures an 80% to 91 % improvement, depending on the parameter.
All four cases were resolved without amputation after chelation therapy.
For the convenience of the reader, I have collected these previous articles in their entirety and 15 other important articles on EDTA chelation therapy in humans.
We can minimize this damage by avoiding exposures and using the appropriate chelation substances such as EDTA, DMPS, DMSA, penicillamine, and other nondrug chelators preventatively.
He resumed having chelation and is no longer suffering with the infection or breathing difficulties.