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Synonyms for chelate

a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions

form a chelate, in chemistry

Related Words

relating to or characterized by chelation


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TechSci Research depicts that the launch of a new chelating agent is expected to benefit the detergent industries across the globe by easing the regulatory pressure on them.
The global market for chelating agents is growing due to the growth of the chemicals industry.
Internet advertisements classify and sell DMSA as a "nutritional supplement," but legally, this chelating substance is considered a drug, and has been defined as such in section 201(g)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act); 21 U.
The chelating activity of zinc ions for P australis leaf extracts solution 1mg/ml or 10mg/ml in DMSO for Zn and Cu chelating activity respectively was measured by the method of murexide described by Watak and patil, (2012) with slight modification.
However toxicological evaluation and clinical management concerning hip surgical revision and particularly chelating therapy are still debated [12].
The increase in production comes in response to growing global demand for chelating agents, the company says.
The most important sales market for chelating agents are washing powders.
These results represent the first report on the antioxidant and iron chelating activities of R-(-)- carvone, p-cumenol, cuminyl alcohol, cuminal and 4-methoxycumene.
Phytic acid is an effective and economically feasible antioxidant for preserving biological material that are sensitive to oxygen due to its chelating capacity of multivalent metallic ions, especially iron, zinc, and calcium (GRAF et al.
Horticultural Research Laboratory in Fort Pierce, Florida, has found a promising alternative to these chelating agents.
Chelating agents for land decontamination technologies.
Using four different chelating agents, such as ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA), oxyethylenenitrilo tetraacetic acid (EGTA), trans-1, 2diaminicyclohexane-N, N, N', N'-tetraacetic acid (CDTA) and diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA), Van Engelen et al.
In addition to taking charcoal, I have found that a binder containing alginate is helpful when chelating metals other than mercury (for which charcoal works best).
2+] chelating ability, and antioxidant activity in linoleic acid emulsion assays.
Tokyo, Japan, May 19, 2006 - (JCN) - Ako Kasei announced on May 18 that it will launch TORU, a proprietary functional soft drink containing several chelating agents, on June 2.