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Synonyms for chelate

a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions

form a chelate, in chemistry

Related Words

relating to or characterized by chelation


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based chelates business is part of the company's Consumer Care division.
Downs also states that it is burdensome to conduct research that justifies the superiority of chelates.
Akzo Nobel plans to construct a new plant at the Lima site to manufacture EDTA and DTPA as well as other chelates and their salts.
Mineral Product: Albion produces a complete line of totally reacted mineral amino acid chelates and complexes, custom blends, granulations and other custom mineral forms
Albion pioneered and patented Fast-Fourier Transforming Infrared spectroscopy, a test method for the validation of mineral chelates.
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given AkzoNobel's Dissolvine GL biodegradable and bio-based chelate its Design for the Environment (DIE) label.
The simplest method by which one can dope or disperse a rare earth chelate is to blend the polymeric host matrix and the rare earth chelate directly.
Be it in Europe or in Asia, Novus remains confident that the market for trace mineral chelates will continue to grow and that its MINTREX[R] range will, not only benefit from the trend, but will position itself ahead of the pack by demonstrating its extra value to livestock and poultry producers in those markets.
AkzoNobel has started production at its [euro]275 million chelates facility located in Ningbo, China.
The synthetic chelate exhibits many of the same characteristics as stomatin: it is heat stable, a property of chelates (Ueno et al.
Time-resolved fluorometry (TRF) [3] using lanthanide chelates has been widely used in ultrasensitive quantitative immunoassays.
It chemically captures, or chelates, excess iron but must be given intravenously or by injection.