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relating to or characterized by chelation


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Crops witness a usual deficiency of iron and therefore chelated iron micronutrients are applied in the soil to provide the required amount of nutrition for an enhanced crop production.
21) The spectra of all the chelated epoxy resins showed a broad band in the range 3345-3410 [cm.
It seems likely that some OTMs truly will not be more bioavailable than ITMs, due to their inability to stay chelated or complexed in the low pH environment of the upper GI tract (Brown and Zeringue, 1994; Cao et al.
Carter sees many advantages in using chelated trace mineral technology rather than using inorganic minerals.
New data suggest that a unique, patent-pending nutritional supplement consisting of collagen chelated to calcium, along with a new plum extract can help support strong, resilient bones.
These preliminary results suggest that chelated cadmium can be tolerated at significantly greater concentrations than the naked cation Cd2+.
The agreement covers the marketing of chelated micronutrients.
As noted above, the present findings demonstrate that after cessation of lead exposure, reductions in brain lead levels lag behind blood lead reductions in both nonchelated and chelated animals, though particularly in the latter.
MILK producers can help control rising summer cell counts by supplementing dairy cows with soluble chelated trace minerals through drinking water.
Are chelated, natural, timed-release and other special forms of supplements worth the extra cost?
It has also been possible to insert chelated magnetic ions into the bilayer fragments to align the bilayer normals parallel to an applied field, which in turn can be used to orient the fragments, and any inserted proteins, for a scattering experiment.
The bleaching responses in a subsequent peroxide stage of chelated pulps were compared.
If you shape your hand like a claw, you can imagine the chelated mineral sitting inside it.
Cost is about $30 for 5 pounds of 6 percent chelated iron.