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Synonyms for chelate

a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions

form a chelate, in chemistry

Related Words

relating to or characterized by chelation


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The analyses revealed that subjects with one or two VDR B alleles had significantly higher levels of blood, bone, and chelatable lead than subjects with two VDR b alleles.
Predictors of dimercaptosuccinic acid chelatable lead and tibia lead in former organolead manufacturing workers.
Serum chelatable redox-active iron is an independent predictor of mortality after myocardial infarction in individuals with diabetes.
Studies involving the longitudinal assessment of renal (6,29) function decline in susceptible patient populations have observed that low levels of blood Pb (<5 [micro]g/dl) and chelatable Pb level were associated with decline in glomerular filtration rate over a 4-year follow up period in patients with chronic renal insufficiency (33).
63) However, one recent carefully controlled study was unable to demonstrate chelatable levels of heavy metals, including mercury and lead, in children with autism, (64) and other recent studies have also questioned this association.
Neurobehavioral function and tibial and chelatable lead levels in 543 farmer organolead workers.
It was also important to verify the lack of increased excretion of essential trace elements, such as copper and zinc, and to determine the size of the chelatable pool of lead in nonoccupationally exposed adults.
The concentrations of chelatable NTBI showed variations in comparison with the bleomycin-detectable NTBI concentrations, with higher NTBI concentrations measured by the chelation assay.
Regulation of expression occurs by means of an interaction between the iron regulatory protein, a molecule that senses changes in the chelatable intracellular iron pool (27-29), and iron-responsive elements located on untranslated regions of ferritin and TfR mRNAs (30, 31).
Posttranscriptional regulation occurs by means of an interaction between IRPs, proteins that sense changes in the chelatable intracellular iron pool, and iron-responsive elements located on untranslated regions of transferrin receptor mRNA and ferritin mRNA (12-14).