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a disorder of the lips marked by scaling and fissures at the corners of the mouth


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I was loath to do it, and further incur her scorn; but there was no alternative if I were to absorb knowledge, so I made a clean breast of my pitiful ignorance as to the mighty Mahars.
Your best way is to make a clean breast of the facts,' I answered.
Her object attained in astute secrecy, the heroic old woman had made a clean breast of it to Mrs Verloc.
All these thoughts, coupled with what he had seen that morning and the anticipation of his next visit, rendered him a very dull and abstracted companion; so much so, indeed, that Tim Linkinwater suspected he must have made the mistake of a figure somewhere, which was preying upon his mind, and seriously conjured him, if such were the case, to make a clean breast and scratch it out, rather than have his whole life embittered by the tortures of remorse.
Lyons," said I as I rose from this long and inconclusive interview, "you are taking a very great responsibility and putting yourself in a very false position by not making an absolutely clean breast of all that you know.
I don't want you to make a clean breast of it to my husband--only tell him, on your word of honour as a gentleman, that he is wrong, and that I am not to blame in the way he thinks I am.
When Cunningham saw that the case against him was so strong he lost all heart and made a clean breast of everything.
To make a clean breast of it, I didn't," said the other, with some humour.
I admit it openly--for one may as well make a clean breast of it--I was the first to pitch on you.
Believe me, he would betray himself before five days were out; he would burst into tears, and make a clean breast of the matter; especially if managed with tact, and if you and his family watched his every step, so to speak.
There was no arguing with him," so Raffles told me; "either he must make a clean breast of it or flee the country.
It's been on my mind to come here and make a clean breast of it, for the last hour or more.
Besides, even if I had made a clean breast of it, and even supposing she was the thief, the reason why she should let out her secret to Mr.
You seem to wonder; but if you will get me fairly at it, I'll make a clean breast of it.
Still, I am innocent, and I will make a clean breast if I die for it.