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inflammation and cracking of the skin of the lips

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According to a multicenter study of allergic contact cheilitis from toothpaste, flavoring agents especially derivatives extracted from the main varieties of mint (such as spearmint, peppermint, menthol, and carvone) were the most related agents with allergic contact cheilitis (18).
The adverse reactions noted during the first 2 months of the study were cheilitis (89%), facial dryness (23%), dry eyes (7%), altered LFTs (3%), altered lipid profile (2%), hair fall (2%), and folliculitis (1%) 'Table 21.
These include alopecia, cheilitis or chapped lips, dermatitis, epistaxis, nail fragility, peeling rash, xerosis and pruritus, dryness of the eyes, which may result in discomfort, photophobia, blepharoconjunctivitis, and keratitis (9).
Furthermore, in the 400mg group, two patients discontinued the treatment after 2 weeks because of the rise of serum creatinine in one patient and the elevation of liver enzymes in the other patient, while 45 patients developed cheilitis and 10 patients developed nausea during treatment, and no such adverse effects were observed with 200 mg group5.
2) Signs include Angular Cheilitis, atrophy or loss of filiform papillae on the dorsal tongue or erythema of the tongue and other mucosal surfaces; diagnosis should be verified by positive potassium hydroxide slide and/ or positive culture.
Oral Crohn's disease may present as mucosal cobblestoning, mucosal tags, deep linear ulcerations, gingival hyperplasia, lip Assuring, aphthous ulcers, and angular cheilitis (FIGURES 10 AND 11).
The mucous examination showed a commissural Cheilitis and Glossitis.
Budmir et al reported a case of perioral dermatitis and contact cheilitis in an 18-year-old female patient who had used propolisspray.
The chin is typically involved and cheilitis is common.
Plummer-Vinson syndrome (PVS) is the combination of dysphagia, angular cheilitis, atrophic glossitis, and esophageal webbing in the setting of iron deficiency anemia.
atrophic mucosa, ulcerations, periomylolysis (palatal erosion of maxillary anteriors), dental caries, tooth sensitivity, dental erosion (intra-oral findings), angular cheilitis, parotid gland enlargement (extra-oral findings), and Russell's finger (systemic finding).
1-3) Adverse effects associated with ATRA include dryness of the skin, xerostomia, cheilitis, headache, bone pain, liver dysfunction, and pseudotumor cerebri.
1) Cheilitis granulomatosa (CG) is probably the most common diagnosis entertained in such cases.