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Synonyms for chef-d'oeuvre


Synonyms for chef-d'oeuvre

an outstanding and ingenious work

Synonyms for chef-d'oeuvre

the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman


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As an exercise in appropriation, Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu brings to mind works from throughout Hamilton's career, from those Pop pieces that took the immediacy of advertising imagery and copy as their inspiration, to the direct use of media images, such as the press photograph of Mick Jagger and Robert Fraser deployed for Swingeing London 67 (f), 1968-69, and the image of Tony Blair redesignated as a cowboy for Shock and Awe, 2007-2008.
La plus recente de ces publications, intitulee Ozias Leduc, pour un ultime chef-d'oeuvre (2010), est la reedition d'un ouvrage de Levis Martin paru en 1996: Ozias Leduc et son dernier grand oeuvre, et analyse, justement, le dernier travail d'envergure de l'artiste : la decoration de l'eglise Notre- Dame-de-la-Presentation de Shawinigan.
What is generally taken as his chef-d'oeuvre in prose fiction, the novel Graves without Crosses (Ristideta hauad, 1952) has appeared in English (1972) and a number of other languages.
A mon avis, ce manteau impermeable est le plus grand chef-d'oeuvre de l'histoire des objets.
More important, the teachings of the New Discourse are, with a few telling exceptions, indistinguishable from those of a work that has with good reason been called Conring's chef-d'oeuvre on the constitution of Germany: none other than the very De Germanorum imperio Romano ostensibly written in order to supersede the shoddy scholarship of the New Discourse.
Et de noter que le Moussem de Tan-Tan, organise a l'initiative de la Fondation Almouggar et qui a ete proclame chef-d'oeuvre du patrimoine oral et immateriel de l'humanite par l'UNESCO en 2005, se tient cette annee sous le theme [beaucoup moins que]Le Moussem de Tan-Tan, patrimoine immateriel de l'Humanite, garant de la cohesion sociale et vecteur de developpement[beaucoup plus grand que].
Dans le meme sens, MmeLabidi a soutenu que son departement [beaucoup moins que]accorde une importance particuliere[beaucoup plus grand que] aux theatres de verdure des wilayas du Sud, entre autres, celui d'Ouargla, [beaucoup moins que]un veritable chef-d'oeuvre realise selon les normes[beaucoup plus grand que].
Lorsque le fameux artiste, Mahmoud Mokhtar, a mis les dernieres retouches pour son chef-d'oeuvre, la statue "Annahda", qui se trouve a present sur la place qui a pris le meme nom, a Guizeh, tout pres de l'Universite du Caire, cette statue qui incarne la gloire de l'Egypte, certes, l'artiste est reste longtemps pour admirer cette piece.
Taruskin's chef-d'oeuvre, however, is a feast of contrarian ideas, with enough spice to sting the palate of anyone with a stake in telling the old stories in the old way.
MCB's Program I will open with four exciting dances including Symphony in Three Movements, a large-cast Balanchine chef-d'oeuvre containing some of the most dynamic patterns found in dance and set to a Stravinsky score, and Company B, a Paul Taylor masterwork performed to carefree World War II hits contrasted with the melancholy realities of soldiers at war.
Il est base sur le chef-d'oeuvre imaginaire de l'auteur a succes, Miyabe Miyuki.
L'eminent commandant francais etait accompagne, lors de son expedition en Egypte, de pres de 160 archeologues et 2000 artistes plastiques, pour commencer un chef-d'oeuvre sur l'Egypte qui servirait d'encyclopedie precieuse sur sa civilisation, ses monuments et ses sites historiques repandus partout dans le pays.
In an adjacent space, the viewer encounters a large etymological chart investigating the history of the phrase chef-d'oeuvre, revealing that the term has its origins in the Middle Ages.
His first lithographs were done in 1927 and etchings for Balzac's Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu and etchings for Ovid's Metamorphoses were produced at that time.