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someone who sells cheese

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The Pybus Cheese Shop will continue to carry the same delicious variety of cheeses that it did under the Cheesemonger banner --but along with the new name, Pybus Cheese Shop will renew its focus on the local Wenatchee consumer economy.
As the years went by, their two sons Herve Mons (awarded Best cheesemonger in France in 2001) and Laurent Mons have developed the company that became international in the 90' and is now trading with more than 20 countries.
Said Downey, "Having a good cheesemonger is like having a good mechanic or a good hairdresser.
Bensham Grove was acquired for the family at the turn of the 19th Century by Joshua Watson, who was born in Allendale in Northumberland and went into business as a cheesemonger in Newcastle.
Over there will be the cheesemonger, where the cheese will be hidden in designer drawers and taken out and explained.
First, our chief cheesemonger and produce specialist, Tom O'Brien, talks about the "big idea" of going back to fresh food.
Duck, cheesemonger, urges you to "Add zizz to your Tai Chi with THAI CHEESES
Rather than stocking up weekly, people did daily rounds, like to the cheesemonger," says Coral.
He's not only a chef, but also a cheesemonger, cheesemaker, butcher and owner of Farmstead, Inc, in East Providence.
A cheesemonger by trade, he stumbled across the window coverings while
Come in the Worker's Only entrance of the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco and meet cheesemonger Gordon Edgar ex-punk rocker (slightly) subdued social activist cheese doler and storyteller.
Vegetarian cheese ( cheese made using a non-animal rennet ( is now widely available, so look out for the words `suitable for vegetarians' on the packet, the Vegetarian Society's logo ( or ask if you're buying from a cheesemonger.
The tradition of stocking and maturing an extensive range of quality British, Irish and Continental farmhouse cheeses has been continued and developed with the passion and assistance of the head Cheesemonger, Richard Adamson.
Birkdale offers an enviable lifestyle combining a cosmopolitan array of restaurants, bars and cafes with a traditional collection of village shops including butchers, bakers, specialist cheesemonger and delicatessen.
The tradition of presenting the men with the "very best of British Cheeses" dates back to 1692 when a London cheesemonger gave the Chelsea Pensioners cheese for Christmas.