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someone who sells cheese

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Forage for a picnic at the Paxton & Whitfield cheesemonger on the corner of Quiet Street and John Street, and the Bertinet Bakery at 6 New Bond Street Place (bertinet.
Jeremy Bowen, sales director at cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield, talking about how to spend less, but achieve more.
Beirut's version of Benson is the cheesemonger, whose lyrics -- delivered through a voice that's neither silky nor gravelly but somehow laden -- return obsessively to the words "love" and "babe.
The tradition began in 1692 when the hospital asked a local cheesemonger to provide the pensioners with cheese as a Christmas treat.
Vegetarian cheese ( cheese made using a non-animal rennet ( is now widely available, so look out for the words `suitable for vegetarians' on the packet, the Vegetarian Society's logo ( or ask if you're buying from a cheesemonger.
Derek Priestley Cheesemonger, Cow Gate Farm, Cow Hill Gate Lane, Halifax HX2 9PB.
Birkdale offers an enviable lifestyle combining a cosmopolitan array of restaurants, bars and cafes with a traditional collection of village shops including butchers, bakers, specialist cheesemonger and delicatessen.
In addition, interactive food stations, such as a sommelier with wine tastings, a sushi chef or a cheesemonger, continue to be popular, with 14% of brides including this option in their receptions (up from 13% in 2010).
When we started out at the Pybus Market, we decided to stick to our strengths--finding and selling great cheese by the wedge," said The Cheesemonger owner Dave Hambleton, who continues to operate the original location in Leavenworth.
Ask your local cheesemonger if he can source some for you.
Bensham Grove was acquired for the family at the turn of the 19th Century by Joshua Watson, who was born in Allendale in Northumberland and went into business as a cheesemonger in Newcastle.
uk or tweet @garyshotplate RECIPE FOR THE WEEKEND GOATS' CHEESE SOUFFLESSOUFFLE CHEESE from GOATS' 10-12 cheese goats' Makes 115g Bonnet Mellis Cheesemonger 225ml flour milk 30g butter 30g self-raising 2 eggs, separated 1 whole finely diced shallot of chives, Handful of peppercorns 1 bay leaf Handful of nutmeg Handful Each week one of Scotland's top chefs shows you how to make great food for the weekend.
Artisan cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield is stocking a heartshaped cheese, Coeur de Neufchatel.
Rather than stocking up weekly, people did daily rounds, like to the cheesemonger," says Coral.