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having the consistency of cheese

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The milk poured over the bread creates a cheeselike "skin" on top, which gives added flavor and considerable eye appeal.
Nutritional yeast, often found in the vitamin/supplement aisle of natural food stores, is used as a seasoning and has a nutty, cheeselike flavor.
Tofu -- Also known as soybean curd, tofu is a soft, cheeselike food made by curdling fresh, hot soy milk and a coagulant.
Researchers at the Russian Institute of Georgraphy recently looked at potential conflicts resulting from the Swiss cheeselike dispersion of ethnic nationalities in the former Soviet empire and found more than 180 actual and potential flashpoints.
I prefer not to use the terms caseating or noncaseating in describing the microscopic appearance of granulomas, because these terms apply only to the macroscopically (grossly) visible cheeselike appearance of lesions seen in tuberculosis and other conditions.