cheesed off

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greatly annoyed

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And the cheesed off coach has now claimed Edel is lying about his name and age to the French authorities.
Mr Ainsworth said: "People were pretty cheesed off with the attitude not only of the Government, but of the British public.
I cancelled a date and he seemed a bit cheesed off so I can't put him off again or he'll dump me like all the others did.
If I lived there I'd get pretty cheesed off if all day every day a group of gawping tourists were peering into my windows.
I am now three days late and, while part of me sort of hopes the baby will stay put - I am freaking out about the pain of giving birth even though I've done it twice before - I am pretty cheesed off at looking like a roly-poly and walking like a Dalek.
Richard Jefferies, a member of the race's organising committee, said: 'We are very cheesed off.
If you are completely cheesed off with the weather in this country, why not get away from it all and book yourself a holiday somewhere a bit more exotic?
THERE was no sign of these Swiss kids being cheesed off when a surprise superstar guest turned up at their youth game.
The model in question looks less like a woman who can't wait - literally - to go shopping and more like one utterly cheesed off with life.
You may sneeze, fidget or cough, Soon you start to get cheesed off With yourself for wasting time Or because you're not sublime.
Well done Backed up and Cheesed off 'Motorist in a pickle over JLT traffic jam' (Letters, May 1).
I'M a rock 'n' roll fan and at the moment pretty well cheesed off.
No wonder Aidy Boothroyd sounded totally cheesed off every time he was interviewed, not knowing what division we will be in.
So you can probably forgive moneybags Posh for looking more than a little cheesed off when her slinky white Porsche 911 spluttered to a halt in Culver City, Los Angeles.
But the tailing snappers were said to have cheesed off the 22-year-old, who eventually bombarded them with eggs from her kitchen at 2 am, reports Contactmusic.