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a coarse loosely woven cotton gauze

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The curd is cut to shape, placed in a mould, wrapped in cheesecloth and left to mature for three months.
Cheesecloth (muslin type) This is not what is sold in grocery stores as cheesecloth.
DRAIN cheese 4 to 5 days, changing cheesecloth when damp, until cheese is thick and tangy and cheesecloth is dry.
Experiment 3: Halodule versus Ruppia, peat pots versus cheesecloth bags.
Apply strips of cheesecloth to the negative recession, casting the initial impression.
Pour into a small fine mesh strainer, or cheesecloth, set over a bowl and strain out the seeds.
Line each of 2 bowls with a wet tea towel or cheesecloth.
As soon as the puree reaches a boil it will be clarified Remove from heat strain through cheesecloth.
1 medium-size glass jar (Example: a spaghetti sauce or jam jar) e ruler * 1 sheet of black construction paper * pencil * scissors * clear tape * 1 sheet of cheesecloth * hot water * timer * 1 thick rubber band * 1 tray of ice cubes
Evans goes for a burnt orange cheesecloth sundress for pounds 30.
RED-IATOR: Becks puts the boot in as gladiator Russell Crowe; GONE WITH THE WING: With Becks as Clark Gable, Posh as Scarlett; NATURAL BORN KICKERS: Becks takes deadly aim; BECK TO THE FUTURE: Flying as fast as Michael J Fox; BECKDRAFT: As a red-hot fire hero; ONE FLEW OVER THE BAR: A bit more on the ball than Jack Nicholson; THUNDERBALL: Showing fancy footwork as 007; BECK ROGERS: A real hero of the 21st Century; THE MAGNIFICENT NO 7: A dead ringer for baldie Yul Brynner; SARONG TROUSERS: Becks stars alongside Wallace and Gromit and starts to eat his sarong when he hears it's made of cheesecloth.
PRETTY TOPS The essential top for the bohemian look is the versatile plain vest, or a pretty cheesecloth or embroidered top.
While still warm, pour through a colander lined with muslin or cheesecloth to strain out the spent thyme.
I was a hairy, slim teenager, groovy in purple cheesecloth shirts and triple decker platform shoes.