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Get that Fijian muscle into it," says Tikaram--he wrings repeatedly to get every last drop, and fluffs up the coconut in the cheesecloth between wringings.
After 4 weeks, strain the liquid into a clean jar (discarding the apple pieces) and cover with the cheesecloth.
Remove imprints caused by pressing from the fabric wrong side by using the damp cheesecloth method or by applying moisture with the dauber directly over the imprinted area.
So after the curds drain for a bit, they are wrapped in cheesecloth and pressed under a weight, which squeezes out excess water and makes the cheese quite firm.
Place the platters on a windowsill and intermittently keep sprinkling with water so that the paper towels or cheesecloth will not dry out.
Re-line the strainer with clean dampened cheesecloth and re-strain the broth in order to get a clear amber potion.
Put the yoghurt in the sieve, and gather the edges of the cheesecloth together to cover the yoghurt.
ABOVE: Embroidered kimono top, PS35, beaded top, PS29, and cheesecloth trousers, PS24, all M&Co (mandco.
Pour into a small fine mesh strainer, or cheesecloth, set over a bowl and strain out the seeds.
Cut 12x12-inch double-thickness cheesecloth and lay] cabbage leaf on top.
The day of the party, gently heat the mixture and strain honey through cheesecloth into a small bowl.
Start with a section of cheesecloth or an old white T-shirt.
Meanwhile long line, soft drape cardis are a good idea for when the sun doesn't shine and when the rays are beating down and you need a cover-up a lightweight cheesecloth top is always a great staple.
What You Need: * 1/2 yard of cheesecloth from fabric store * 3/4 cup lemon oil from home improvement or hardware store * 2 cups hot water * Medium plastic container What to do: * Mix water and lemon oil in plastic container.
It is prepared traditionally by baking, then wrapped in cheesecloth, brushed with brandy or rum before it is covered with marzipan.