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tray on which cheeses are served


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Don't get me wrong, I suffered the next day but I'm looking forward to having a wee glass or two over the New Year with my cheeseboard.
John said: "Over the last 34 years here, I've baked around 140 thousand tonnes of cream crackers and 112m packs of biscuits for cheese - the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas cheeseboard - and, even after all the taste-testing, they're still my favourites
When making a cheeseboard, what's the minimum number required?
The new pack ensures that lunch, cocktail and cheeseboard biscuits arrive at their top-table destination in perfect condition.
One thousand graduates, all forced to wear cheeseboards and flowing gowns, cheered wildly.
Guests will be taken around the Cheese area and be tutored on different topics ranging from British Cheddars to creating a Christmas cheeseboard to impress your guests at Christmas.
Cryer & Stott have also won a pounds 120,000 contract to supply its "artisan cheeses" to several local football clubs, as well as supplying pounds 20,000 worth of specialist cheeseboards to the St Ledger at Doncaster Racecourse and to York Racecourse.
Coated in a variety of seasonally coloured waxes such as ruby red, bottle green, orange and ebony, the truckles are designed to bring a premium feel to festive cheeseboards, according to brand owner North Downs Dairy.
IN the UK we eat approx eight kg of cheese per person per year,most of which is supermarket basic Cheddars or Cheshires eaten as a sandwich or on cheeseboards.
The ring of shire counties surrounding the West Midlands is particularly rich in terms of quality cheeses, and Jo feels more of them should be gracing our cheeseboards - raising the profile of cheese as a dessert choice.
The only Caerphilly cheese to be made in the town is being offered on cheeseboards around the Palace, after Wayne requested it be considered for inclusion.
We want to create a real old-school pub environment and will also be offering whisky and gin in the venue - alongside cheeseboards.
LOVE ROBYN xx SAVE DIFFUSER Voluspa champagne rose diffuser, John Lewis, PS30 HAND & LOTION SET Baylis & Harding French lavender gift set, Debenhams, PS10 CHEESEBOARDS Fromage cheese boards by Posh Totty Designs Interiors, www.
The products by children in Ysgol y Gogarth in Llandudno - which have gone on sale at the Bodnant Welsh Food centre in Tal y Cafn - include handcrafted clocks, keyrings, cheeseboards and candleholders.