cheese spread

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spread made of cheese mixed with butter or cream or cream cheese and seasonings

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And of course we're also proud that 22 of our leading cream cheese spreads have no artificial flavors.
Pepper Jack Cheese Spread With Jalapenos is not only a new guy in town -- he's spicy
In the UK, it has been sold to expatriates through smaller independents for years but only went into Tesco with one product - Puck Soft cheese Spread - in November last year.
US Airways said that, for October and November, the fresh meal choices for breakfast include a deli plate with mini bagels, slices of peppered turkey, provolone and cheddar cheese served with red grapes and cream cheese, and cinnamon-flavoured French toast with a honey-nut cream cheese spread, and sliced deli ham served with a side of red grapes.
Ingredients (makes enough to feed 6 to 8): 7 or 8 digestive biscuits (125g), 50g melted butter, 150mls double cream, 150g Philadelphia (or similar) cheese spread, raspberries (200g), 1 shot of Stolichnaya raspberry vodka.
If you're not careful, a modest two-tablespoon serving of cheese spread can coat your crackers--not to mention your arteries--with five to eight grams of saturated fat.
Sales of its cheese products enjoyed consistent growth last year, taking more than 20pc of the UK cheese spread market, currently worth pounds 74m, and part of an added-value cheese market worth pounds 366m.
Other foods in this sector include pasteurized processed cheese spread and beef bologna.
The products cited by FDA include Kraft Singles American, Swiss and Cheddar Pasteurized Process Cheese Food, and Kraft Velveeta Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread.
WE'VE teamed up with I Luv Cheez to celebrate the launch of the first totally organic cheese spread, by offering readers the chance to win one of 15 Tefal Avanti Deluxe four-slice toasters, worth pounds 50 each.
This case study looks at how Philadelphia has succeeded in the UK by identifying a gap in the market and effectively utilizing co-branding to drive growth, with the launch of a unique chocolate-flavored cream cheese spread.
Tenders are invited for Lp Of Cheese Spread For Supply Depot Asc Patiala
Primula have announced the latest addition to its squeezy cheese family, a delicious Smokey Cheese spread.
CHEESE SINNER: Sainsbury's cheese spread with garlic and herb, 91 calories per 30g serving.